Native search engine optimisation methods for firms with a number of areas [Infographic]

Local landing pages can play a key role in small business discovery and ensuring that you are getting the maximum value from your SEO efforts.

Local results have priority for certain Google searches. If you want to make sure your business is on these first few entries, you need to understand the key elements.

To gain more insight into this, the Wiideman team has put together a new infographic with the key elements to achieve the Google Local Pack results and how you can optimize your approach.

The following infographic covers the following concepts:

  • An overview of Google’s Local Package – Top Properties Among Google Search Results
  • Ranking signals for ranking in the local pack
  • Key elements of a local landing page
  • Technical SEO tips and tricks
  • How COVID-19 Affected Local Search

Check out the full infographic below.

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