Navigate what you are promoting by the pandemic and obtain profitability

These are numbers. Hardcore numbers reflecting the devastation in the business world caused by the pandemic. Ask your friends and acquaintances, take a stroll down your usual street, read the newspapers and learn firsthand how companies have borne the brunt of the pandemic are experiencing a financial setback that is likely to be worse than it was during the Great Recession before more than a decade, “says Karen G. Mills, a Senior Fellow Harvard Business School.

Go digital or Go dark
McKinsey & Company say companies have taken themselves completely by surprise at how quickly they adopted digital transformation in response to the pandemic, extended lockdowns, and official health protocols. Within a few months, the pandemic has ushered in years of change and digital adoption in the way companies operate around the world.

In a world of social distancing, most customer interactions are virtual. With a few exceptions, digital operations and platforms keep businesses alive. The mantra was simple – “Go digital or Go dark”.

Areas of escalated digital adoption:

  • Cloud computing
  • Digital assets
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile apps
  • Enterprise software
  • Digital marketing
  • Remote work / collaboration
  • Online transactions
  • Learn online

How is CS Web Solutions helping companies navigate this storm?
CS Web Solutions has been in the driver’s seat since the outbreak of the pandemic. We help North Marica businesses navigate the bumpy roads with our technology-powered fuel and creative navigation skills. We have a diverse tech team and dynamic staff at the highest level who understand the intricacies of business needs, market demands and customer psychology.

Our most important domain areas:

  • Website design and development
  • application development
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding & Design
  • Comprehensive IT services
  • Startup packages
  • Dedicated IT resources

All of these areas have become absolute necessities for businesses to survive in this pandemic and this is where we excel. We have helped companies adopt digital technologies, digital platforms, digital presence and digital marketing to find their way to profitability in the New Normal.

We have an enviable track record built over the years and unparalleled credibility for delivering streamlined business solutions. Our portfolio speaks volumes about our capabilities and the diverse lines of business in which we have worked. Here are some recent case studies demonstrating our references.

Case 1: reviews Canada

VerificationsCanada is one of the leading specialists in verification and background checks based in Canada. We helped Verifications Canada turn its business model 180 degrees and introduce a fully online channel for the delivery of its services. Customers can log into their websites and perform quick and reliable background checks with just a few clicks.

Case 2: Affectionate

Tenderly has been fundamentally redesigned with the help of CS Web Solutions and how they work. We designed and developed an easy-to-use digital tendering platform that is 100% compatible with the digital paperless submission and 24/7 bidding options.

The online platform is completely safe. Processing time has been cut by a whopping 40%, making Tenderly one of the most popular e-tendering platforms.

Discuss the changing dynamics of how businesses work, Vin Sonpal, Managing Director – – CanadaHe says, “In every crisis lies the seed of opportunity. Digital transformation was on the horizon and inevitable, but the pandemic has really catalyzed its introduction by almost 7-10 years.” Organizations need to be agile and adaptable to keep technology at the heart of every process. Those companies that are soaring on the digital wave will survive and see the sun.

Vin Sonpal has over 15 years of experience in the IT sector and has served the Canadian market for over 10 years. He heads the North American division of CS Web Solution and has experience developing web platforms to meet custom business needs. He loves to research newer technologies and how they can be integrated to optimize business processes. Sonpal has completed its MSC.IT by Liverpool University, Great Britain.

If your company has been on the sidelines since the pandemic started, we encourage you to get in touch Vin Sonpal per email to ([email protected]) or call our telephone number. We are sure that your email or phone call will not help your business survive through these troubled times but will also thrive.

About CS Web Solutions
CS Web Solutions is one of the leading web design and development companies in Canada who have been in business for more than 10 years. We offer bespoke iPhone / Android app development, responsive website design, social media & digital marketing services for your business growth. While we are developing a website for our valued customer, we are building it search engine friendly and we also care about the long term goals of our customers. Contact us for your next project. We want to hear from you. Call 647-979-9324 for a quote.


Vin Sonpal

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