New Fb integration with Calix Advertising Cloud

Facebook integration with Calix Marketing Cloud puts high marketing ROI at the center with a single, integrated performance dashboard that automates campaigns from segmentation to execution to results increasing the value of every dollar invested in Facebook marketing

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today launched the seamless integration of Calix Marketing Cloud with Facebook, Inc., the world’s largest and most influential social media platform. This latest enhancement to the Revenue EDGE solution will also enable broadband service providers (BSPs) of all sizes to quickly and easily improve their marketing return on investment (ROI) by automating marketing workflows and giving them the intelligence to succeed Provide segmentation, targeting, and execution, and measure the performance of omnichannel marketing campaigns in a fully integrated way. Second in a series of planned integrations with major social media and marketing technology platforms (the first was Mailchimp), the Facebook integration underscores Calix’s strong commitment to delivering BSPs turnkey solutions that help them excite subscribers and add value to increase their marketing activities.

Integration with the Facebook platform provides additional, out-of-the-box marketing capabilities that enable BSPs to achieve the following.

  • Simplify New Subscriber Acquisition: By combining behavioral data from the Marketing Cloud with rich and extensive data from Facebook, marketers can create lookalike audience models based on subscriber-specific segments. These can help broadband providers attract, attract, and excite new subscribers with value-added services that drive key business outcomes – like Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) – while enabling marketing teams to achieve more within their existing marketing budget.
  • Automate Marketing ROI: With automated workflows that push billing data, behavioral insights, and real-time marketing channel results and campaign performance directly into the Marketing Cloud, marketers can quickly and easily calculate and evaluate the impact and ROI of their Facebook campaign marketing spend in real time. These help generate actionable insights that drive acquisition, cross-sell, and up-sell while reducing churn, making it easier and more efficient to track, manage, and grow sales. This eliminates the need to manually export audience tables and contact lists between Marketing Cloud and Facebook.
  • Streamline Campaign Delivery: EDGE Enablement Resources simplify marketers’ go-to-market programs with ready-to-use and easily customizable Facebook campaign assets and materials available in the Electronic Content Builder Library and Market Activation Video Editor. Calix Premier Customer Success Service offerings, including updates to the Education Services curriculum for Revenue EDGE, are helping marketers use Facebook to maximize customer loyalty and get value quickly.

By leveraging these collective skills, BSPs of all sizes and types can build a scalable, world-class marketing organization. With acquisition costs being a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing tactics, Facebook’s enriched third-party audience data enables marketers to run high impact campaigns and then plan and deliver automated, contextual campaigns across multiple channels. This means, for example, that subscribers who exceed their usage limits can receive a triggered upgrade offer for mobile notifications from the Marketing Cloud to the CommandIQ® app while they receive an email via Mailchimp and a targeted Facebook advertisement in their See feed.

“As avid Facebook marketers, we strive to put the latest Calix Marketing Cloud integration into practice so that we can further simplify our marketing campaigns and derive additional benefits from these extended functions, not only for us, but also for our customers”, said Dustin Schlaefli, director of customer engagement at Nex-Tech, a BSP headquartered in Kansas. “Data and automation have fundamentally changed the face of marketing, making it daunting even for the most seasoned marketers to operationalize. Calix Marketing Cloud takes the incredible complexities of machine learning and intelligent automation, simplifies it and delivers actionable insights in an easy-to-digest format. We are excited to use the combined powers of Marketing Cloud and Facebook to take our marketing campaigns to the next level. “

Calix Marketing Cloud is the only marketing platform specifically designed for the BSP marketer using contextual behavioral data specifically used for the broadband industry. Marketing Cloud leverages built-in intelligence and machine learning to simplify processes and generate hyper-focused segments and audiences that enable relevant, targeted, event-driven communication that will delight subscribers. Marketers can gain actionable insights that increase campaign adoption rates and grow their business through acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, and reduced churn.

“Today’s announcement is another step forward in our journey to make marketing much easier for broadband marketers who want to adopt the latest digital marketing strategies, regardless of their size,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer, Calix. “The ability to integrate Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, and to automate the end-to-end marketing process with the Marketing Cloud, enables even the smallest BSP, thanks to a team of data scientists and social media Experts to work on our exceptionally easy-to-use yet sophisticated marketing technology platform. It enables BSPs of all sizes to leverage advanced real-time behavioral insights to market smarter and generate incredible ROI to increase the value of every dollar they invest in marketing campaigns. We are excited to provide our customers with this latest feature and look forward to adding more integrations in the coming months. “

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