Newbie’s Information to: Producing Your First Youtube Tutorial 2021 Ideas

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Check out the Beginner’s Guide to: Create Your First Youtube Tutorial

YouTube has become an important channel for relaxing and learning. You can find many video tutorials that will give you tips or lead you on something new. Tutorial videos are not only used to Sharing knowledge but also to help companies market your brands and provide more visual documentation for customers. And it’s not that difficult or expensive to do. I recently started making tutorials for JoomlaShine and I want to share some of my experiences with you.

This tutorial will show you How to Create a High Quality YouTube Tutorial without the use of a studio or even a video camera.

You’re doing a how-to video tutorial or product introduction with voice-over and subtitles. YouTube has a function to translate the subtitles so that viewers around the world can understand the content of the video. Subtitles are also a great way to search the text of YouTube tutorials so people can find them easily. Is better Keep the length of the video to less than 6 minutes. – People don’t like to watch a video if it’s too long.

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Get ready to take the picture

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Video outline

Easily use bullets and numbers to prepare the outline for your video. Read it several times and get used to it. Organize the text so that it fits the flow of the message you want to convey.

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Make your tutorial more attractive with captions (video illustrations such as text or images), some Flash effects, or PowerPoint slides. Prepare the things you want to add to the video and make sure they can be combined.

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Recording software

I use Camtasia to record my videos because it has so many useful features and special effects. You can a. use 30 day trial version or buy it for $ 299. To create the highest quality videos, you must Select selected area with dimensions for Full HD: 1280 x 720.

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Separate your recordings

When recording the video tutorial, it is important that the Video tutorial and audio guide as two separate files. You can start recording the video tutorial first and then record your audio instructions. This will help you minimize your mistakes and reduce turnaround time. Arrange everything you need to include in the tutorial (what you want to include) in the selected area. Make sure Camtasia can capture everything when you open a browser, folder, or something else.

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record video

Record the video tutorial carefully. Slow down your steps by about 20%. Focus on each step, try not to make mistakes or take unnecessary measures. Some of the first few videos I took took up to 7 times to be correct. Practice makes perfect so don’t expect miracles and finish the first few races.

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Voice recording

Write the transcript of the video before the voice recording. It is better to read the transcript file to avoid mistakes. Try to record in a clear and natural voice, preferably in a quiet room. Control your voice and add stress when you need to focus on something.

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Edit the recorded file

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Clip dimensions and speeds

Select the processing dimension as the recording dimension of 1280 x 720; This is the best dimension for your video. Remove all unnecessary frames and speed up video playback while setting up, searching for something, or typing text – the usual things people already know. This will make your video shorter.

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Zoom and transition

Use the zoom function when entering text or viewing the URL of a website. The video is displayed in a much smaller size on Youtube, so get closer to your viewers. The duration of the zoom effect can be set to 1 second for a smoother zoom. Use transition effects between different parts of the video. My favorite effects are Page Flip, Cube Rotate, Fade, Fade Black with a duration of 1 second.

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Call and Effects

Add an expanded frame to insert a call and make sure to stop all activity in the video when the call appears. The length of the expanded frame should be long enough for people to understand the call – I usually give mine 3-5 seconds.

To add more effects, Sony Vegas Pro is my first recommendation. You can create any effect you want, although it may seem difficult to create effects manually at first. If this is a problem, you can try SWiSH Max which has a lot of built-in effects for your videos. For example, I often use SWiSH Max to create text writing effects in my video.

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Create a YouTube tutorial

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Export your video

Do not use Camtasia preferences because the video is darker than normal and the details are blurry. To export to high quality video:

  1. Below Custom product configuration, click around Add / edit preset. Choose New to create the new production preset. You can add any name you want, for example “Custom HD”.
  2. Please select Avi As a video file format, it will help you have high quality videos with real brilliance.
  3. Set the frame rate to 15 frames per second (fps) to produce a nice, small-sized video. The best speed is 30fps, but this will make your video huge.
  4. Create the subtitle file for your YouTube video. You can use the Aegisub software; it’s free and easy to use. Subtitles must be exported in srt format.

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Upload a YouTube tutorial

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Title and description of the tutorial

The title of your tutorial should include your content and keywords. You can create a title of up to 70 characters that will appear in YouTube search results, but only the first 40 characters of the title will be displayed when viewing the tutorial as a related video. In your description, briefly describe the video, insert your link in the first 3 lines so that all viewers can see it without clicking “Show More”. Use keywords.

Labels This will show your video together with other videos on the same topics and therefore for the same target groups. Use long keywords to define tags and add as many tags as possible.

Make privacy settings public and remember to make the video available on cell phones and televisions. Allow comments or replies.

Add Remarks to request subscribers to redirect to other videos on your channels or to help viewers see your video in the best size.

Group your videos on a topic in a playlist. This way, viewers can easily follow all of your tutorials without having to search for related videos.

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last words

So we’re done create a high quality YouTube tutorial with just a computer and some software. Get started with your own tutorial now, or if you’ve already created a YouTube tutorial and have suggestions to share, feel free to comment below.

Editor’s note: This post was written by Tam for Tam works for She loves to talk about search engine optimization and social media marketing tips and is always ready to learn more and share more knowledge in these areas.

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Final words: Beginner’s Guide to: Producing Your First Youtube Tutorial

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