Newchip Accelerator emphasizes the significance of storytelling in advertising and marketing

Newchip Accelerator, an Austin, TX-based company, recently published a blog post highlighting the importance of storytelling in marketing. Marketing is an important part of a startup, because without it the company will hardly generate any sales. And without sales, there is no revenue, which is the lifeblood of a business, especially when it’s just getting started. The article recently posted on the Newchip Accelerator blog site learns how startup entrepreneurs can use storytelling to improve their marketing efforts.

Keagan Wernicke, COO at Newchip Accelerator, says, “The value of storytelling in marketing cannot be overstated. It can make all the difference between staying where you are or reaching new heights. Your start-up will be successful when you use the power of storytelling in marketing. People want to invest in people so make sure you find your story and start telling it. For more help promoting your new business and great marketing tips, contact the startup experts at NewChip Accelerator today. “

Storytelling is essential in marketing as it tends to grab people’s attention. People love to hear stories and companies can use them to effectively connect with their target audiences. A good marketing technique is knowing what the target audience needs and how they can benefit from the company’s product or service. By telling a story to demonstrate this benefit to potential customers, the target audience can become aware of the company, especially in relation to the usefulness of their product or service. When people see how a particular product or service can be used to solve a particular problem or offer them something of value, they will buy. Entrepreneurs can learn these things in Newchip Accelerator’s online startup accelerator programs.

The startup company is also characterized by the use of storytelling in marketing. This is because telling a unique story that catches people’s attention keeps them interested in the product or service and the company and makes the company memorable. When people need the product or service they will remember this company and will likely make a purchase. Because a story connects with people’s emotions.

Studies have shown that emotions are stronger than logic or reasoning to encourage people to buy. These are probably logical reasons why the product or service is a good buy for people, but if they are not moved by their emotions, they will stall and may not end up buying. A story allows them to connect emotionally with the product or service and this often leads to a purchase decision.

The article encourages business owners to find their story and decide how to use it for their marketing efforts. You may find it easier to do such things with the help of the programs offered by Newchip Accelerator. The company has experienced mentors who can help start-up entrepreneurs increase their chances of survival in the world of entrepreneurship.

Newchip Accelerator has an Accelerator program that works like an Executive MBA program, allowing participants to join each week after work and complete the assignments at their own pace.

Newchip Accelerator supports startup entrepreneurs. They offer various programs such as Bootcamp and Pre-Accelerator, Pre-Seed Accelerator and Seed & Series A Accelerator. But unlike accelerators, where the entrepreneur usually has to give up 5 to 10 percent of the start-up, they are 100 percent equity-free. And regardless of where in the world entrepreneurs are, they can participate in the Newchip Accelerator’s online and remote programs. Entrepreneurs can also use their experienced mentors to create their startup and fundraising roadmap and then connect with their global community of angel investors, founders, and venture capitalists.

Entrepreneurs looking for a startup accelerator in Austin can visit the Newchip Accelerator website or contact them by phone or email.


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