“Nonetheless” stars Yoon Search engine optimization Ah and Kim Moo Joon replicate on their first drama efficiency, following up, and extra

After the final episode of JTBC’s “Still,” actors Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon reflected on their accomplishments and growth.

The two formed the second love triangle featured in the drama, with the other character being Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung). Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon played Seo Ji Wan and Yoo Se Hoon, both characters who feel for Yoon Sol.

In the interview that took place ten days after the final, Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon both shared that they missed the experience. Since it was their first drama on air, it was much more memorable.

This also meant that they were uncomfortable watching her performances. Yoon Seo Ah commented, “At first I felt so awkward and shy that I was shy of watching myself. I had so much fun watching it with my parents. It is my habit to monitor my performance, so I kept a journal of my weaknesses and wrote a review. “

Yoon Seo Ah and Kim Moo Joon explained that the collaboration was smoother because they knew each other beforehand. Kim Moo Joon said: “We already knew each other because we are run by the same company. We knew each other before we started the same project. I have to say, I felt most comfortable with her. She was the only person I knew when we went to the script reading. We also looked after each other on set. “

Efforts to review one’s own performance, coupled with the synergy of being acquaintances in real life, helped generate a huge response from audiences, especially those in their teenage and twenties. This was most evident in the growth in followers on social media, where Yoon Seo Ah stated, “Fortunately, lots of people came and left words of encouragement. With each episode, the number of followers increased dramatically. It was so cool and I thought I should work harder. My number of followers rose from 2,000 to 400,000 people. It’s such a large number that I can’t take care of it yet. “

Yoon Seo Ah added that the drama realistically depicts what people could go through in their twenties. She explained: “The audience could empathize and comfort themselves because the drama did not embellish anything. I felt that way too. We are at a point where we need to make decisions. The burden of making decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions has been clearly outlined. It also contains different forms of love so that, in my opinion, viewers could understand each couple and view them as their own story. “

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