Oh Yeon Search engine optimization talks about her love for animation, her quick time as an idol and way more

In the TVN program “On and Off” on May 11th, Oh Yeon Seo gave insights into her everyday life!

In an interview with the cast, Oh Yeon Seo revealed that she’s a fan of Uhm Jung Hwa, the program host. When Uhm asked Jung Hwa if she was ever promoted as a singer, the actress mentioned that she had in the past. She shared, “I made it short 20 years ago.” In 2002, Oh Yeon Seo was promoted in the three-person girl group LUV.

Oh Yeo Seo shared, “I was filming for a drama recently, and when I’m off work I’m a homebody who likes to stay home. People say I seem tense and cold when they first see me, but a lot of people are surprised when they meet me. “

The show gave a glimpse of her on the poster shoot for her upcoming drama “Crazy Person in the Area” (literal translation), and on the set, her co-star Jung Woo also asked her if she had been promoted to singer. Oh Yeon Seo replied, “I made my debut when I was 16 years old. I think I’m a lot more actor. “

When asked about her secret to taking good selfies, Oh Yeon Seo shared that she used her hand to make her face appear smaller. She stated “[The selfie expert title] is out of date as I have aged now too. I think trust is the most important factor. “

During the broadcast, Oh Yeon Seo revealed the house where she lives with her parents. The actress shared her love for animation and stated that she really likes the anime “Crayon Shin-chan” (“Jjanggu the Unstoppable” in Korean). She added that she even has the same rice bowl that the main character uses in the cartoon.

While watching cartoons on television, Oh Yeon Seo kept following the characters’ lines, such as, “I want to get ugly too because I’m so pretty.” When the cast commented that they were a hardcore fan, stated Oh Yeon Seo: “There are a lot of people who like it even more than I do, so I’m only beginner to intermediate.”

Oh Yeon Seo’s mother asked her, “Up to what age can you see this?” and Oh Yeon Seo replied, “50 years old.” Her mother commented, “You won’t mature until that age. It is nice that your soul is pure. “Although she didn’t move when her mother told her to go outside, Oh Yeon Seo got up immediately when a package arrived. The delivery consisted of cartoon characters that she was happy to put together and then photographed.

When Oh Yeon Seo finally left the house, she went to a comic book cafe where people can eat while reading comics. Commenting on there were too many books she wanted to read, she said, “If I read while eating at home, I get in trouble. I want to live here. “

Finally, Oh Yeon Seo shared, “I want to become someone who dreams. I’ve focused well on what I like since I was young. Being away from work is a really precious time and I think it’s a driving force in my life. “

Oh Yeon Seo’s upcoming drama “Crazy Person in the Area” will premiere on May 24th.

In the meantime, check out Oh Yeon Seo in “Love With Flaws”:

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