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And if you met the staging your home with anxiety, you should pass this stress to a professional service.

“There are so many advantages [of having a well-staged home]”Says Christman.” According to Realtor.com staged homes sell 88 percent faster and 20 percent more money. “

The Olive + Opal Interiors team has seen these stats firsthand with a curated staging aesthetic that feels classic yet contemporary.

Photo by Olive + Opal Interiors

“We recently had a client who had 180 screenings in the two days it was in the market, resulting in 49 written offers,” says Neal. “You have accepted an offer that is 15 percent above the list price. Stories like this make our philanthropic hearts so happy! “

Further advantages of staging are that you highlight your home in online images and an unforgettable first impression on personal demonstrations.

“We stage to highlight the best features of the property and to distract from the shortcomings,” says Christman. “As an example, we are transforming this uncomfortable room with the extra sloping ceiling to present a cute home office.”

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Photo by Olive + Opal Interiors

And although it does not seem to be intuitive, says Christman, that adding furniture makes the house appear actually greater to an empty room.

“Most buyers have a hard time visualizing furniture in an empty house,” she says. “A beautifully presented house sends the message to the buyer that the house is well maintained and ready to move into.”

Another great benefit of staging an occupied residence is the head start when packing.

“We all accumulate a lot of things over the years (thanks, kids),” says Christman. “The process of staging involves removing additional furniture or items from living spaces and often from storage areas – think basements, cupboards, garages. We always encourage our customers to donate or sell items they don’t want to use in their new home so they don’t pay to move! “

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