Optimize Your Conversion Price With These Nice Advertising and marketing Ideas

Conversions are about whether you are online or offline as conversions ring the checkout so you can pay employees and suppliers and meet other financial needs. Optimizing the conversion rate will ensure that you get the best conversion rate possible by effectively marketing and managing your sales process. By focusing on all types of conversions, not just sales, you ensure a steady sales pipeline well into the future that supports your success and growth.

Below is a graphic I created a few years ago to outline all of the marketing efforts needed to optimize the conversion rate. You should take special care to ensure that the traffic to your online shop (or even to your physical shop) is built that fits into the marketing concept of the advertisement. Just as important are measures to convert visitors once you get them to your business. These actions fit into the other 3 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, and Location (Sales).

Optimizing the conversion rate

Before we dive into marketing strategies to optimize the conversion rate, let’s take a look at the different conversions that will help your business succeed. As mentioned before, if you focus solely on optimizing sales, you are missing out on the point. Consumers don’t just jump into a sale, although a well-crafted advertising campaign could help increase sales for some products. For example, in pre-pandemic times, Costco offered free product samples that resulted in an immediate increase in sales. Whether this will be reflected in future sales is somewhat weaker. And it’s sustained sales that hopefully will increase over time and keep your business alive.

However, you need to consider factors that will help increase sales over the long term. These factors include:

  • awareness
  • trust
  • Positive attitudes
  • Availability
  • Affordability
  • Competitor actions

We often summarize the consumer decision-making process using the funnel concept. A marketing (sales) funnel looks like this:

Marketing analysis

Image courtesy of MarketingProfs

The visualization is not only helpful in identifying the process that consumers are going through before the conversion, but it also shows content and marketing measures that are suitable to drive more visitors to the next phase of the process. The funnel shape results from the abrasion that occurs at each stage, with you losing visitors at each stage. By increasing the movement in the funnel by a relatively small amount (2%), you can increase sales by up to 50%.

Micro-conversions (or top-of-the-funnel conversions) help optimize the conversion rate for bottom-of-the-funnels, including sales, as they provide an opportunity to encourage consumers to make a purchase. Examples for this are:

  • Attract new visitors
  • Subscribe to your email marketing – often called lead nurturing
  • Create login
  • Increase the page depth – the number of pages displayed
  • Decreasing Bounce Rate – Visitors who leave after viewing a single page
  • Increase the number of repeat visits
  • Increase email open rates
  • Improve the click rate (click rates)
  • In fact, every visitor action that contributes to a sale acts as a micro-conversion. You should monitor these metrics as a means of optimizing the conversion rate

Let’s talk about how marketing campaigns lead to an optimization of the conversion rate in order to give more specific advice in addition to the information in the visualization.

Content Marketing

Content marketing supports the optimization of the conversion rate. Offering the right message at each stage of the conversion funnel optimizes the number of consumers moving on to the next stage. Using analytics tools to see where a particular consumer is during the conversion process can help you deliver the right content at the right time, as visitors often make multiple visits before conversion.

Below are some content marketing strategies to optimize your conversion rate.

Make the content more personal

First of all, you need to find ways to personalize things for your business customers. You can do this in a number of different ways, but one of the best is to use the data that is available to you. Businesses have a lot of visitor data available through Google Analytics and email providers. Using this data to optimize your content to meet the needs of individual consumers leads to higher sales.

For example, personalized email messages with the subscriber’s name are not enough. Instead, use information about the products you want and other data from visits to personalize content. A good example of this is Amazon, and we’ve probably all received emails offering discounts or additional options on products searched for on the platform. This strategy is often about past visitor remarketing, such as showing your offers through social media advertisements to people who have recently visited your page.

Improve the content of the website

Content is still king when it comes to marketing. So make sure you fill your website with the right content and develop content that is aligned with the customer journey (see below).

Customer journey map

Image courtesy Bright Vessel

One of the best ways to meet your visitors’ information needs is to create a blog section for your website. A blog allows you to add as much content as you want without clogging the website. However, blog posts need to provide real value instead of using your content as an opportunity to solely promote products or services.

Use strong CTAs

Like any good salesperson, don’t leave it to chance that visitors know how to convert. Using the right CTAs will guide buyers where you want them and ensure they commit to a purchase by showing them what to do. Getting CTAs right is an art. If they’re too subtle, they won’t have the right effect. If they’re too fancy, they stand out and ultimately turn customers off instead of captivating them.

Use only a single CTA for each page instead of making multiple offers to avoid confusing visitors.

Use video

Next, think about using video to engage and convert customers. A great benefit of using video is that you ensure that your marketing efforts are more dynamic and comprehensive. For example, explanatory videos are a great opportunity to show visitors how your product solves their problem. For customers, videos on how to use the product ensure that buyers are happy with their purchase, which increases referrals and improves ratings.

If you want to try adding video to your marketing promotions, possibly in the background of your website, you should consider a professional video production company to produce a high quality product, although you don’t need an Oscar-deserving conversion for optimization. You should also try a number of different tactics to ensure your video content gets through to your home.

Other marketing strategies to optimize the conversion rate


In addition to improving the content of your website, you should think about the speed of your website as well. Ideally, you should make sure that every page on your website loads in just a few seconds, as visitors will have little patience with websites that don’t load quickly. Mobile users are particularly impatient, with 53% leaving if a page doesn’t load within 3 seconds. More than this and your customers are likely to go to a competitor with a better website. Keep an eye on your bounce rate as this is an indicator that your visitors are taking too long to find your website.

Of course, it’s not just about loading times. You need to make sure they can find the right information quickly too. Following a three-click rule will help you plan effective navigation. Alternatively, you can use a chatbot to provide customer support and answer questions around the clock.

Use social media

Social media is one of your best tools for increasing business sales. If you want to see more buyers for your business, make sure you are actively engaging with them on social platforms and make it easy for visitors to share your content with their own social communities, especially when it comes to sharing Reviews goes. It’s as easy as starting discussions on busy topics, responding to user comments, and shouting out customers. Or, think about going further and using promotions like freebies on social media. This can be an opportunity for guerrilla marketing tactics that might even attract media attention. Once you have a dedicated social media fan base, you will see an increase in visits and conversions.


We hope this helps you understand the ultimate ways to increase your business conversions. I would love to hear from you. Use the comments section below to share ideas, ask questions, or suggest future topics for this site.

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