Park Bo Younger & Search engine marketing In Guk showcase playful chemistry behind the scenes at Doom at Your Service

The cast of the show have a lot of fun on the sets of this famous drama. Read more about it!

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Seo In Guk behind the scenes at Doom at Your Service

The highly acclaimed and popular drama ‘Doom at Your Service’ has released a behind the scenes video for the fans! Park Bo Young, widely known for “Strong Girl Do Bong Soon”, and groundbreaking actor “Reply 1997” star Seo In Guk in the tvN drama. Park Bo Young plays Tak Dong Kyung, an editor who sees her life crumbling in terms of health, career, and relationships. She is diagnosed with cancer and has a hundred days to live. She wishes a falling star that the world is doomed. This is what Myul Mang, played by Seo In Guk, who is a messenger between gods and humans and Doom himself, demands. He will grant Tak Dong Kyung’s every request, resulting in her entering into a 100-day contract in which she risks everything.

The behind-the-scenes video of this exciting drama opens with a playful Bo Young and In Guk taking photos outdoors in the wind. Park Bo Young complains about the wind while Seo In Guk seems to be enjoying it like in a music video. Seo In Guk’s dialect later comes out when he acts silly while practicing the line ‘Birthday Wish’ with Bo Young. The next scene shows actors Lee Soo Hyuk, who plays Cha Joo Ik (Do Kyung’s associate), and Kang Tae Oh, cafe owner Lee Hyun Kyu, in a baseball bat. For the scene, Lee Soo Hyuk’s character is supposed to be good, but the actor reveals that this is his first time. On the other hand, Kang Tae Oh’s character must be bad at the game, but the actor is extremely good at it and keeps playing and training. This leads to the director complaining and reminding them that they need to shoot the scene as well.

The playfulness of the actors continues when we also see Shin Do Hyun and Dawon from SF9. The video ends with Seo In Guk thanking Park Bo Young for feeding him gummy bears while filming. The chemistry of this adorable couple is well worth seeing in Doom at Your Service!

Take a look behind the scenes here:

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