Park Web optimization Joon and IU are making ready for the script studying for his or her new movie “Dream”

Park Seo Joon and IU are currently preparing for their upcoming film Dream. The sports film has been in development for some time. However, it’s the first time we’ve received updates on the film. According to the web, the film will be made with main photography. And now the production company has released some BTS moments for the fans. In addition, this will be the second time Park Seo Joon and IU share the screen again. Previously, the two of them were seen together in an advertisement for Soju (Korean liquor). Since then, fans have been shopping for her. Now they are waiting for the duo to appear in the feature film.

Recently, Dream shared a behind the scenes script reading event. The main actors as well as the other actors are also present in the video. Both actors have grown deep into their roles while rehearsing a scene from the film.

Park Seo Joon and IU in 2018 for a commercial

Dream is an upcoming South Korean sports comedy. Lee Byung Hun (Be Meloramatic, Twenty) directed and wrote the film. Meanwhile, Oktober Cinema Co. Ltd. the production company behind the project. Filming began in May 2020 and ended in South Korea in October 2020. Further additional scenes should be shot in Hungary or Colombia, depending on the situation.

Dream release date, storyline, and cast

The upcoming South Korean film Dream has no release date yet. However, the film is aiming for a release date in 2021. So we can assume that Dream will be released in the second half of 2021.

The film revolves around the life of a Yoon Hong Dae (Park Seo-Joon). After an unexpected case and disciplinary probation, he is hired as the coach of a special national football team. The team is full of homeless people who have never held a ball before. Now, however, Yoon Hong Dae must train them to win the World Homeless Cup, an annual international football event.

Park Seo Joon and IU Dream

Park Seo Joon and IU (Lee Ji Eun) will star. Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Jong Soo, Ko Chang Seok, Jung Seong Kil, Hong Ahn Pyo, Yang Hyun Min, Heo Joon Seok, Lee Ha Nee and Baek Ji Won can also be seen in the film. Actor Kang Ha Neul will also be a guest.

IU and Kang Ha Neul previously worked together on the hit drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. You can check it out here.

Park Seo Joon plays Yoon Hong Dae, a professional soccer player on suspended sentence. In the meantime, IU will play Lee So Min, an aspiring production director (PD) looking to make a documentary.

Now watch as the duo prepare for their roles together.

Park Seo Joon and IU during the script reading of Dream

The video begins with Park Seo Joon rehearsing his lines as Yoon Hong Dae. It’s a scene in which he is shooting for Lee So Min’s documentary. Yoon Hong Dae feels uncomfortable acting in front of the camera because he feels conscious while filming. Meanwhile, Lee So Min is happy and optimistic no matter what the situation is. In the video, most of Park Seo Joon’s lines were about complaining about the lines (script). Hence the video has been clarified and asked not to get confused.

Jung Seung Gil and Park Seo Joon lit up the room with the crisp duo in the film as they revise their lines. In addition, he and IU also get caught up in funny scenes while reading her lines.

Both Park Seo Joon and IU are very popular with Kpop and Kdrama fans. Seo-Joon has impressed fans with his “perfect friend” charm in dramas like She Was Pretty, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Fight For my Way. On the other hand, IU is the nation’s little sister. Not only is she a great actress, but also one of the most successful soloists in South Korea. She has been part of dramas like Hotel Del Luna, My Mister, and more.

Just like the fans, we’re really excited to see the duo on screen. In the meantime, watch Park Seo Joon in Itaewon Class on Netflix here.

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