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Posted by Wayne Robinson | July 19, 2021

How do you expand your printing business in the digital age into new areas in order to offer your customers new ways into their market that could open up new sources of income for you and bring you closer to your customers?

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Wayne Robinson, Editor of Print21, speaks with David Baldaro, Marketing Operations Manager at XMPie, and Enda Kavanagh, Regional Sales Manager Asia Pacific, about the possibilities XMPie offers print companies through personalization, cross-media marketing and digital integration.

The discussion begins with an overview of XMPie’s capabilities as a marketing and communication platform that increases trust and loyalty across the customer lifecycle through personalized print services, video, email, SMS, store fronts and omni-channel campaigns. XMPie can be thought of as a set of Lego bricks that can be assembled as needed, allowing the system to scale from a small print shop just starting the digital journey to big industry leaders.

Opportunity: David Baldaro (center) and Enda Kavanagh (right) with Wayne Robinson (left)

David and Enda share with Wayne the IT knowledge required to install and use XMPie, where the name comes from, and how customers can use XMPie to meet an immediate customer need and expand from there to increase their return on investment and improve margins.

During the session, Steve Hopkins of Wollongong Printing Company Flagstaff will be attending to discuss his organization’s adoption and use of XMPie to increase customer loyalty and the number of products they produce per customer. He also notes that XMPie has made it easier to adapt the organization to respond to market and industry changes due to Covid-19.

We conclude with observations on XMPie that will enable a printer to transition to printing and digital services that enable its customers to get closer to consumers through personalized offerings. This leads to the announcement that XMPie is offering a free 90-day trial of their desktop tools through Print21 magazine that includes access to online training.

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