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Vincenzo is doing wonders for the audience right now, beating his own record with a high of 12.5% ​​for the 10th episode. The show also hit the top 10 Netflix charts, even in India. The latest episode was voted the best episode yet by fans because it offered suspense, romance and a bit of comedy at the same time. Let’s catch up on what all happened in the Vincenzo Universe and what we can expect in future episodes.

(Warning – Vincenzo Spoiler)

Summary of Vincenzo episode 10 – What can you expect from the upcoming episodes?

Vincenzo is slowly beginning to look like a game of chess. While the power couple won in a row in the previous episodes, the Wusang x Babel troop proved their potential, delivering the most ruthless number of body counts in the last two episodes. At the end of episode 9, fans were speechless at the shock of seeing the families of the Babel victims, believed to have committed mass suicide. However, the following episode quickly revealed that the incident was also a meticulously executed murder by the hands of Babel under the name of suicide. What is more? The murder was actually planned by Jun Woo’s little brother Han Seo to prove that he wasn’t too sane in his head either.

Since the Babel group owns practically half of the country’s judiciary, it’s easy for them to get away with murders – or so they think. But with Vincenzo at the epicenter, he promises to get to the bottom of the crime and avenge the deaths of the families. In one of the show’s sweet moments, Vincenzo tells a grieving Cha Young that there is no point in stopping him now that he will make sure he kills the real boss of Babel (after earning the weird abbreviation Babo). He was quickly surprised to find out that Cha Young actually agrees, when she quotes: “Promises can be broken out of necessity.”

On the other side of town, Myung hee mentions that there is nothing as meaningless as a promise while chatting with Jun-woo. In the same conversation Jun-woo makes a very interesting account of why he does not reveal his identity as the real chairman. He says it makes him feel like God. “God enjoys making people suffer while he is hidden somewhere. Then He gives a few happy moments to deceive them that life is worth living.”

Vincenzo Ep 10 also featured the most romantic moments when Vincenzo and Cha Young open each other up while sharing a bottle of rice wine. She asks him a second time if he wants to leave the country after the case is resolved, almost as if to remind himself not to fall in love with him. The two hide their feelings for each other, but their eyes communicate. The next morning, the duo plan a perfect way to threaten their enemies, knowing that Babo has inquired into Vincenzo’s true identity in Italy.

The plan got hilariously executed when Myung hee, Han Seo, and Mr. Han each received a bloody “C” letter as a warning sign. When Jun-woo realizes that Vincenzo is a feared consigliere in Italy, it also becomes clear that the letter “C” actually stands for the “Cassano family” and that it is his signature before he kills someone. At first Jun-woo looks more amused than fear of disclosure, but quickly follows with “I have to kill him before he kills us.”

Jun-woo lures Cha Young to meet him so he can carry out the murder of Vincenzo. Vincenzo, who is always two steps ahead, knows that something will go wrong and instead lures the assassins to follow him into an abandoned tunnel. This is how the mafia-level action that fans have been looking forward to the most begins. On the other hand, Cha Young is informed of his plan and rushes to the place.

When she reaches the train station, she runs out of the car and gives him a quick hug, not afraid that a bullet will enter her from somewhere. Special mention of the beautiful cinematography that was shown in this scene. The fact that she clung to him with absolutely no fear spoke volumes about her love for him. But those facts pale in comparison to Vincenzo’s bloodstained hands reaching out for her. At first he stood, hesitating to move as he clenched his fist tightly, almost suppressing his urge. But when he touches her, it shows that he is finally ready to welcome her into his dark world. In the final scene, Vincenzo reveals that he knows who the real boss of Babel is while staring directly at Jun-woo.

The preview suggests that Vincenzo’s guess is actually correct, although it’s still not clear how he found out when he saw him talking to Jun-woo on the phone and warning him that it was better for him is to run away. In response, Jun-woo confidently says that Vincenzo can come and kill him again if he wants, which could mean that he was attacked earlier in the episode. It also looks like both Cha Young and Vincenzo will be arrested but eventually released for Han Seo. Vincenzo says at the end: “It is most effective to use your own trained hunting dog against him.” This could indicate that Han Seo is finally turning against his brother.

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