Prime 10 Summer season Toys For Youngsters:

Although most schools are still busy in the last weeks and the Coronavirus also has its limitations, the school holiday is already waiting for most children. If you can believe the weather forecast, it promises to be another warm summer. Inflatable Party Magic offers the best selection and more importantly the safest Water Slide Rentals and water fun units.

It is different from other years. Families have already canceled their (foreign) trip at an earlier stage or decide to wait for the measures until the last moment. Can you fly to all destinations within Europe, or are there countries that prefer to keep tourists?

A warm summer holiday with kids

If you stay in any country, you will run into certain things different from what we were used to due to the Coronavirus. On a hot day, going to the local lake or the beach is not always possible and is not always allowed. Hanging in the pool all day does not seem to be an option either. Most pools have rules such as booking in advance and a limited swimming time so that other people can also enjoy the pool on a hot day and to prevent the pool from becoming too full. We, too, are facing this fun challenge at home. That is why I would like to share a list of toy products to ensure that we can get through a hot summer holiday together at our house! In the summer toy top 10 below, all possible outdoor places are taken into account: a garden, balcony, or communal field; there is something to come up with for everything!

Top 10 summer toys for kids

1.   Swimming pools

What is, of course, indispensable on a hot summer day is a swimming pool. Fortunately, there is a wide choice of swimming pools! Take this rectangular swimming pool from Intex, for example. With a size of 220x150x60 cm, there is enough space for the whole family or to play with friends. The pool is easy to set up and can remain in place for a more extended period. There is also an abundance of possibilities in the field of inflatable pools. Do you opt for a ‘simple’ round inflatable bath for quick cooling and a soft surface? Then the ‘ Glow pool ‘ with a diameter of 86 cm is also a good choice. Or do you prefer a children’s pool with an inflatable cover so that your child can sit in the shade and still get cool? Then the ‘Jumbo’ children’s pool with a size of 157x157x122 cm is an excellent choice. Do you prefer an inflatable swimming pool with a slide and other (inflatable) products? Then the ‘ Fishing Fun ‘ swimming pool is highly recommended.

2.   Super Soakers

What is always a success at home are the Super Soakers. Nerf also already has good quality ‘Blasters.’ They also have several excellent products in the field of water guns if you are looking for an affordable water gun.

3.   Ball

games In addition to the water toys, it is always fun to play a game outside at our home. An example of this is the centuries-old well-known Beach Ball. It seems so simple, and everyone knows it, but it is still fun! You can also come up with different variants with the kids: who can hit the ball the highest in the air, get the most balls in the bucket or cup, and how often can you keep the ball in the air? A variation on this is the stud catch game. Instead of skipping the ball, you are now going to throw the ball. Only it is not just a ball, but a ball full of suction cups.

4.   Outdoor

Family Game Another fun family game in Kubb. You can play Kubb with two people, but also in teams of up to six against six. Kubb comes from Sweden and is made of high-quality birch wood. The packaging is easy to lift with a handle, so you can easily take the game with you to any BBQ or other party. Fun guaranteed!

5.   Trampolines

What is a big hit for every child (and secretly also for many adults) is a trampoline. The trampoline is already fun for small children, but it remains fun even when the children are 10-12 years old. I still hear many adult people around me say that they have so much fun with the trampoline, and not just for the kids;) There is also a wide range available here. If you have a more miniature garden, choose a trampoline with a smaller diameter. If you do not like to dig a hole in the garden, choose one on the legs. It is essential to put a safety net around it.

6.   Playhouses

Children also always love to play outside in a playhouse. The advantage of this on a hot summer day is that the children in the house often sit in the shade. You can get most of the homes with climbing pieces, slides, and swings. But also, for example, with a sandbox, or just as a house. The wooden playhouses from Axi are made of sustainable cedar wood and have a natural defense against fungi and wood rot to last for years!

7.   Watercourses

The children will have hours of fun at home with the watercourses. They are made of sturdy material and can therefore remain for a more extended period. You can quickly expand it with more watercourse parts. The perception of the child is further extended with various accessories (available separately). It’s also easy to store, so when the summer is over or the kids have finished playing, you can quickly put it away!

8.   Water slides

For the speed devils among us, the water slide with nozzles is an absolute winner. Do you want even faster? Spread some soap over the track, and the kids will slide even faster! I think the water slide Mega Slide XXL from Feber is an efficient and beautiful solution to connect to a garden hose. That way, you can use the slide all year round, and it gives that little bit extra in the summer!

9.   Sand and water tables

The sand and water table is still a success for children! You have different types, and one more challenging than the other. A water table that we like is the ‘ Waterfall Discovery. ‘ Children can play around with water and wonder where the water passes. In the end, nothing is more fun for a child to mess around with water on a hot summer day! Little Tikes also has a wide range of sand and water tables. These tables fit in very well with the perception of the child.

10.               Sandboxes

The last thing that should not be missing in our garden is a sandbox. Making cakes for hours, ‘eating’ ice creams, and shifting sand; the children love it! The smallest at home likes to get in and out, but the older two also get everything to play a nice role-play from the sandbox. The sandboxes are also very diverse. My experience is that it is very nice to close a sandbox to keep unwanted animals out.

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