Primis Proclaims First Video Discovery SDK for Apps

Leading provider of video discovery for global publishers enables app developers to increase inventory value by increasing customer loyalty and monetization

Primis, the leading video discovery platform for global publishers and the founders of, announced the launch of the Video Discovery SDK for app developers on both Android and IOS. The new SDK builds on Primis’ success with desktop and mobile publishers and enables app developers to run and monetize videos while delivering high visibility and increased user engagement.

With the Video Discovery SDK, app developers can now easily access Primis’ extensive video library, which contains over 3 million videos from reputable brands such as Reuters, Bloomberg, USA Today, Jukin Media and more. Publishers have the opportunity to develop a completely new source of income without losing the content, technology and know-how that set Primis apart from the competition.

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Historically, the main obstacle to monetizing video in apps has been building and offering a full publisher SDK that enables high visibility and a pure discovery experience.

Primis Video Discovery is one of the fastest growing products in the industry, serves over 350 publishers and reaches 300 million users a month.

“Until now, it was not possible to do video recognition correctly in apps. Publishers have had to rely on videos with suboptimal visibility and lower RPMs, ”said Amir Rudner, R&D Director, Video Group at Primis. “We are very proud that the SDK has been launched and is now available to developers to further monetize their apps and provide a better experience for their users. There is no product out there that offers the same overall experience in terms of video recognition, functionality or targeting. “

App developers can now get a custom video recommendation unit that personalizes video content for their users, resulting in improved monetization.

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Key benefits of the Apps SDK include:

  • Full video discovery capabilities for apps (Primis Next, content playlist targeting and management, visibility measurement and more).
  • Ability to apply docking and sticky mode, resulting in high visibility and better user experience.
  • The same look and feel as the Primis web player.
  • For the first time, full video discovery capabilities are available for apps.

In the near future, Primis will support all of its APIs through the in-app unit, giving ad companies the ability to integrate the Primis SDK into their own SDK so that they can distribute videos to their users using their own tools.

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