Privateness modifications imply troubled days for e mail entrepreneurs

What does this mean for email marketing?

Obviously, this isn’t ideal for email marketing. Over 70% of mailing lists contain some kind of tracker and most drive the reports and analysis that influence your email marketing strategy. If the 4% of those who chose to do it are an indication, the average user just won’t be on board for the kind of email tracking that has come on in recent times.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying. Even if your analysis may be harmed, the ability to actually reach potential customers should not be affected by these privacy settings. And considering the medium offers a $ 42 ROI for every dollar spent, it’s definitely worth it, even without email tracking.

In fact, chances are these steps will actually improve your email marketing. Because customers are skeptical about data tracking, these privacy measures guarantee that any email they are actually interested in really gets to them. Trust is a big part of any business transaction, and when the customer is more comfortable, be it with privacy or your brand, they’re more likely to be more inclined to make a purchase.

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