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This Spend Matters PRO vendor analysis by Pixid VMS features a company background, detailed solution overview, market / competition analysis, technology selection tips, and analyst summary with a strengths / weaknesses section.

The VMS landscape is changing rapidly as it keeps pace with the future of work. The way companies are sourcing different types of temporary workers today requires a more tailored approach from VMS providers than in the past. Although the general need for temporary and professional staffing as well as SOW technology solutions remains, more and more companies are now looking beyond these traditional areas. Areas of increasing interest to corporate organizations include the integration of independent contractors, gig workers, students, outsourced workers and other workers in the light industry into the VMS solution. Many VMS providers have adapted to these changing customer needs and are offering new solutions.

Pixid VMS was founded in 2004 by Adecco France, Manpower France and Randstad (Vediorbis) in France. Its main goal was to procure and digitize personnel contracts. Since then, however, the VMS provider has severed all ties with the aforementioned three major recruitment agencies and has grown beyond the confines of the more traditional, operational HR technology solution that it once was. Since October 2015, the investment fund Keensight Capital has taken a majority stake in the company and enabled several mergers and acquisitions in the ATS, VMS and HR technology areas.

Pixid’s international goals have grown beyond France and its VMS solution has become firmly established in Europe. An international version of Pixid’s VMS solution has been created that offers cross-border, multilingual and cross-currency functions as well as a much faster set-up time. These developments have made it more attractive for non-complex recruitment projects with the requirement for rapid implementation. The solution portfolio has been expanded to include additional sourcing, matching and BI reporting functions and offers a more versatile VMS solution for the mid-market segment.

This is why Pixid is important:

  • To the market: Pixid is able to provide a VMS solution with a strong presence in France and Europe. The company is active in the M&A market and offers strong partnerships with European VMS and ATS providers. It is working intensively on enabling a cloud-based overall solution for talent acquisition in which permanent and temporary employees can be centrally managed jointly through integrations with Pixid’s technology partners. Although the customer base now consists mainly of Europe, Pixid is increasingly international and has recently started piloting projects in the USA and Canada to expand its transatlantic activities.
  • To customers: Especially those looking for a quick-to-deploy solution for short-term recruitment will find a partner in Pixid that is worth exploring. The main customers of Pixid’s vendor management solution are personnel service providers and MSPs (Master Vendor, Neutral Vendor and Hybrid) who provide their services for their corporate end customers with Pixid’s VMS technology. For French companies, a specific VMS solution aimed at the French market can, in contrast to the international version, be offered directly as an instrument for recruiting.
  • To you: If your company needs a solution to manage and control the (international) total expenditure for your temporary employees, find out in this article what the Pixid platform could mean for your company.

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