Pulse: What is the Worst Advertising Recommendation You Ever Acquired?

Start the fall with Inman’s Marketing and Branding Month. We dig deep into agent branding and spending best practices with Zillow, realtor.com, and others. Top marketing managers also stop by to share their latest tactics. That’s all it takes to take your branding and marketing game to the next level.

Pulse is a recurring column in which we ask readers for opinions on various topics in a weekly survey and report on our results.

Last week we invited our readers to share the best of real estate marketing. This week we’re turning the script upside down: we’re here to talk about the worst marketing tips that are often thrown around in this industry. Let’s separate fact from fiction and good advice from absolute nonsense.

So what are some bad marketing tips that you have heard over the course of your career? And what are some really terrible (and downright time and money wasting) tips you’ve been given? Tell us about the times when you were steered in the completely wrong direction.

We’ll be putting together a list of the top answers and posting it on Inman next Tuesday.

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