Ranveer Allahbadia: How one can Organically Get Followers on Clubhouse

Especially on a new platform like Clubhouse where you have to listen and join in the conversation in the room

From Ranveer Allahbadia

UPDATED ON JUL 25, 2021 8:23 AM

Clubhouse rules

As a podcaster, I’d like to grow my fan base at Clubhouse – any tips on how to do this organically?

—Sanjay V, via email

If you want to organically increase your clubhouse fan base, hop back and forth between rooms. Don’t stay in a room for too long unless you really enjoy it. The clubhouse warms up quickly, but the rooms get faster over time. It is better to come to a room late, but it also has the disadvantage that you don’t hear the whole discussion or talk a lot. I believe that adding value to the people on the platform will always help you grow organically.

Popularly known as BeerBiceps, Ranveer is a star YouTuber and digital marketing entrepreneur. His fitness, grooming and wellness videos, as well as his recent podcasts, have earned him millions of fans

From HT Brunch, July 25, 2021

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