Residence guarantee manufacturers use digital methods to be there when customers want them

“The market size, measured in terms of sales, of the home guarantee service provider industry is USD 2.6 billion in 2021,” said IBISWorld. Many Americans want the peace of mind that a budget guarantee offers. Many warranty plans cover home appliances, systems like HVAC and electrics, and even pools and hot tubs. In response to the high demand, the home warranty market is full of choice and home warranty brands are increasingly turning to digital advertising strategies to reach and reach consumers.

As with other home services, including home inspections and lawn maintenance, home guarantees are usually only sought during the purchase decision. To help find customers, home warranty brands need to know exactly who is shopping for home warranty, when and where people are shopping for home warranty, and what news they need to learn more. Optimized websites that incorporate fresh, informative content marketing, promotions, and differentiation are essential. However, guaranteed home websites should also prioritize high intent keywords that drive traffic from Google and other search engines to landing pages with clear calls-to-action.

American Home Shield offers home expertise and tiered warranty services

Frontdoor, the parent company of four home service plan brands including American Home Shield, HSA, Landmark and OneGuard, serves more than two million customers nationwide. The national leader in front door branding is American Home Shield, a home guarantee company with nearly 50 years of experience. American Home Shield offers a range of effective data and customer acquisition tactics on its website, including newsletter subscriptions, lead forms for home guarantee offers, and location-specific pricing and services. American Home Shield also leverages its expertise with a blog that offers timely advice on topics ranging from frozen pipes to Valentine’s Day home decor. In addition, American Home Shield offers tiered membership packages and detailed explanations of why each plan is best for different buyers. An SMS option is available for consumers who wish to have their plans and application requests updated. By answering consumer questions with keywords such as “What is a Home Warranty?” “What’s in a Home Warranty?” And “What’s the Best Home Warranty for me?” American Home Shield puts itself in front of consumers who are actively following the Home Warranty look for options.

Total Home Protection offers click-to-call options and special offers for warranty service

Ease of navigation and access to offers can affect a consumer’s willingness to browse service websites and find additional information. After initially clicking the Get a Free Quote button on the Total Home Protection website, consumers are directed to the Total Home Protection landing page to make it easier to control consumer actions and offer the basics of their services. Total Home Protection provides customers with multiple access points through which to reach the home guarantee brand for quotes or explanation of services, including a click-to-call button and lead form. The lead form prompt also advertises a promotion for free services with registration, discount, and money back guarantee that entices consumers to fill out the form. Like many home warranties, Total Home Protection has multiple membership levels that give consumers different access options.

Home Warranty Of America offers chat and expert advice

Home Warranty of America (HWA) is a full-service home warranty company offering plans for homeowners and real estate professionals. With detailed explanations of each service, Home Warranty of America can answer consumer questions and share expertise. HWA customers can also make claims and make adjustments to their accounts on the home guarantee brand’s website. This creates a one-stop shop that minimizes the effort for consumers. In addition, HWA has a chat feature that allows consumers to quickly access any answers they may need. When consumers are looking for a service, differentiating them with handy features like chat can provide differentiation from other brands.

Home warranty companies need to be available to consumers when they are ready to begin their search, most likely immediately after buying or renovating a home. By optimizing websites to reach and reach high intent customers, the different plans of national home guarantee brands can be made available to consumers when needed to offer differentiated services in the right place at the right time.

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