River Valley Media Group Launches Enterprise-to-Enterprise Web site | Native

River Valley Media Group and Winona Daily News will launch a new business-to-business website on Monday, May 17th, designed to help local and regional businesses achieve their marketing goals.

For more than 100 years, River Valley Media Group has been a major marketing services provider historically focused on print advertising solutions. As buyers and sellers have evolved into a multimedia buying and selling experience, including digital, River Valley Media Group has continued to develop its product range along with these trends. Today, RVMG offers a full range of print and digital products and services to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving business world.

“When many think of the advertising solutions we have available, they think of our historic print focus, but we are so much more now. We’re no longer your grandfather’s media company, ”said Sean Burke, president of River Valley Media Group.

From website design and development to search advertising, from social media to reputation management, from content marketing to networked television and much more, RVMG can help local businesses get their marketing message across to the right audience at the right time, in the right medium.

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Print advertising continues to play an important role in the media mix of many local and regional companies. RVMG can help there too.

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