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Typically, a teacher grading students using a graph encourages the efforts of those who did not do well on the test. However, it is the other way around for cloud companies.

As of the first quarter of 2021, startups in this sector have average Series A rounds of around $ 8 million, reports PitchBook. As $ 100 million Series D rounds become more common, company valuations regularly climb into the billions.

Andy Stinnes, a general partner at Cloud Apps Capital Partners, says founders between Angel and Series A should seek investors happy with $ 200,000 to $ 500,000 in ARR.

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These VCs are usually specialized companies and are open to betting on startups that have not yet found a fit for the product market.

“In this development phase you need a committed partner who has both the time and the experience to accompany you,” says Stinnes.

These observations aren’t just for active investors: this post also provides a framework for new and seasoned founders preparing to knock on doors and solicit strangers for money.

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Walter Thompson
Senior Editor, TechCrunch

Maybe neobanks will break out after all

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Alex returned from a week’s vacation with a dispatch about the profitability of the neobanks Revolut, Chime and Monzo.

“In short, while American consumer fintech Chime posted positive EBITDA – an adjusted profitability metric – many neobanks we’ve seen numbers have shown a severe inability to map a path to profitability,” he writes.

“That could change.”

How to Land at the Top of Google Search with Featured Snippets in 2021

Image of colorful scraps of torn paper to represent snippets.

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“Google search is no longer what it used to be,” writes Ryan Sammy, Director of Strategy at growth marketing agency Fractl, in a guest post. “We all want to be number 1 on search results pages, but getting to that position is no longer enough. It might be worth looking for the top snippet position instead. “

Sammy writes that “one of the best things you can do for your SEO” is when you earn the Featured Snippet spot. But how do you end up with your page on the coveted snippet stick?

What does the sale of Red Hat to IBM tell us about Couchbase’s valuation?

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After NoSQL vendor Couchbase applied for an IPO and joined the ranks of the 2021 Great IPO Rush, Alex Wilhelm examined his business model and financial performance with the aim of better understanding the company – and market developments.

Using Red Hat, which was recently sold to IBM for about $ 34 billion, as his comp, Alex found that Couchbase “is worth about $ 900 million” using Red Hat math.

“The Red Hat-Couchbase comparison isn’t perfect; 2019 is a long time ago in the tech era, the database company is smaller, and there are other differences between the two companies, ”notes Alex. “But Red Hat lets us confidently say that on its public debut, Couchbase will be able to surpass its final private rating.”

How much you as a SaaS founder have to pay yourself

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Anna Heim interviewed SaaS entrepreneurs and investors to find out how much early stage founders should pay themselves.

Startups led by CEOs who take home a small salary tend to do better in the long run, but there are other points to consider like geography, marital status and frankly what quality of life you want.

Waterly founder Chris Sosnowski raised his own wage to $ 14 / hour last year; on his previous job, his salary exceeded $ 100,000.

“We had been saving money for over a year before we cut my wages,” he said to Anna. “I can live my life without entertainment … so we did that for 2020.”

How much are you willing to sacrifice

The early stage venture capital market is strange and chaotic

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Alex Wilhelm and Anna Heim had heard that Serie A salary increases come later, while Serie B comes in quick succession after startups land an A.

That piqued their curiosity, and they reached out to a number of investors to understand what was going on in early-stage venture capital markets.

In the first of a two-part series, Alex and Anna explore why the seed phase is so chaotic, why As is slow, and why Bs are fast. In their first broadcast they looked at the US market.

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