Search engine marketing Nationwide leads Search engine marketing marketing campaign for Enterprise Innovator

Founded in 2007, SEO National has helped many companies across the country achieve their goals, grow their businesses, and reach a wider online audience. SEO National is a trusted leader in its industry. The 100% inbound and referral based business is the result of their track record of working with top notch companies across the country. You are excited to welcome Shane Hoefer as the newest member of the SEO family.

When Shane Hoefer took over his father’s business, Rocky Mountain Forest Products, he changed the way they did business by looking beyond the bottom line to embrace a people-centered culture. Leading employees with empathy allowed his company to grow and led Hoefer to develop his Blue Collar Business Blueprint. His mission now is to share his knowledge in order to improve the lives of people in the blue collar industry.

“The Blue Collar Blueprint can revolutionize the workplace by focusing more on people than numbers,” said SEO President Damon Burton. “I firmly believe that dealing well with employees is a good model for business success. When employees feel valued, they work hard and the company thrives. The search engine optimization we carry out can increase the online visibility of these business ideals. “

Burton and his team use sustainable methods rather than quick, expensive advertising and focus on building long-term relationships with their customers. They have worked with companies of all sizes, from the small startups featured in Shark Tank to large corporations and NBA retail divisions.

“There are a lot of great companies and ideas out there that go hidden because, for one reason or another, they don’t do well on Google, Bing, or Yahoo,” noted Burton. “Our job is to determine what their Achilles heel is and use SEO to help them show up in relevant searches and reach people who love what they have to offer.”

To learn more about SEO National and how they can help people like Shane Hoefer grow their online presence without paying for online advertising, call 1-855-SEO-NATL (1-855-736-6285) or visit

About SEO National

SEO National is a search engine optimization company north of Salt Lake City, Utah. This SEO company offers affordable, effective search engine optimization with a refreshingly personal approach to communicating with its online marketing clients.

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