Search engine optimisation Ye-ji and Kim Jung-Hyun: What You Want To Know About The Okay-Drama Scandal Of The Week

It emerged earlier this week that Seo Ye-ji, who played a writer with antisocial personality disorder in the hit hit K-drama “It’s Okay To Be Okay,” may actually have some real-life problems.

2018 leaked text messages revealed that she and Crash Landing On You star Kim Jung-hyun were in a relationship while he was working on Korean drama Time and that she appeared to be a control freak. The two met when they played the romance Stay With Me in 2018.

Even more shockingly, she appeared to be the reason for his bad behavior on the set of Time, which resulted in his co-star on the show, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, crying multiple times and eventually stepping out of the drama with the show rewritten to do justice to its character, which of course falls out of the story. He was also widely criticized in 2018 for being rocky and reserved at the press conference for the drama.

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After these text messages show up, this can shed light on his behavior. Seo was apparently an ultra-controlling friend who directed Kim to avoid all skin while working on the show, which was problematic as the show was a love drama. He was told to “refrain from any physical contact” and “do anything without passion”. He had to report his actions to her, call himself “Stiff Kim” on the news, and avoid unnecessarily greeting people, especially female employees. She told him that he can only touch her hand. Perhaps worst of all, at least professionally, she told him to adjust the script so that there are no romantic scenes or physical contact.

This created trouble for the writers and those on the set, particularly Kim’s co-star Seohyun, who reportedly cried a lot thanks to his rude behavior. He eventually cited health reasons for abandoning the show.

As a result of these allegations, both Kim and Seo’s reputations have suffered a blow. Seo, who was honored for Best Actress award at the prestigious upcoming Baeksang Awards for her breakout role in “It’s Okay To Be Wrong”, was removed from several of her endorsements and was at her press conference for the upcoming one Film “Recalled” absent to open next week in Korea. In a big blow to her career, she was also deposed from K-Drama Island.

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