See: Web optimization in Guk and Park Bo Younger have a heartwarming chemistry behind the scenes of Doom At Your Service

tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” has released a new making-of video!

The fantasy romance is about an ordinary woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) who calls the world to perdition (myulmang) when she learns that she only has 100 days to live. Instead, she gets Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), the mysterious god of death and destruction, who offers her a dangerous contact.

In the new behind-the-scenes video, Park Bo Young comes to work and asks, “What is this wind? What’s my hair? “She twists her wind-blown hair and says,” It’s ruined! “When the employee mentions how Park Bo Young wanted to fight the wind, Park Bo Young says,” I lost. How can I Do I dare to win against nature? “Meanwhile, Seo In Guk appears to have given in to the wind while jumping happily. Park Bo Young adds,” He’s making a music video, “while the wind continues to blow her hair in her face .

Seo In Guk becomes embarrassed when uttering the phrase “birthday wish” after the director tells him that he can hear his dialect. Seo In Guk gets silly if you practice it several times. After successfully clearing the scene, Seo In Guk points to himself and says, “I’m from Seoul.”

Lee Soo Hyuk and Kang Tae Oh film in the batting cages and Lee Soo Hyuk reveals that it is his first time. Lee Soo Hyuk still manages to hit the ball cleanly. Surprised by the speed of baseball, Lee Soo asks Hyuk Kang Tae Oh, “Do you see it? Can’t you see the ball? ”Lee Soo Hyuk comments,“ I can’t believe I’m supposed to be good at it the first time. ”

First, Kang Tae Oh says, “It’s really difficult.” Though his character is said to be bad in baseball, Kang Tae Oh continues to hit the balls perfectly. The director complains, “We have to film the drama!” Kang Tae Oh says, “This is really fun.” The director asks, “Why are you training?” and Kang Tae Oh replies that it is a good stress reliever.

In another clip, Shin Do Hyun reveals that Kang Tae Oh is teasing her by asking why her face is puffy. Kang Tae Oh says, “You look really pretty even if you are puffy. Really.”

At the café, Kang Tae Oh makes a mistake with his lines, and Dawon from SF9 asks, “Have you never worked in a café?” Kang Tae Oh replies, “I told you I worked in a café for a year . It’s been so long and that’s because I was nervous. ”However, he makes another mistake that leads him to yell at Dawon,“ I’m confused about you! ”

Seo In Guk is happy about gummy snacks and says to the camera: “I’m secretly going [take some] later. “He asks the staff to provide him with a bag later, and Park Bo Young eventually feeds Seo In Guk a piece of the snack as part of their ad-lib. After the director finishes filming, Seo In Guk announces : “I only have Bo Young. The director can’t say anything as she fed me in front of the camera.” Seo In Guk continues to express his gratitude by giving Park Bo Young his thumbs up nonstop.

Watch the making-of video below!

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