Sherpa Digital Media supplies metrics for digital occasions and streaming

Sherpa Digital Media, Inc., a leading provider of virtual events, webinars, and webcasts for corporate marketing and communications, has shared usage metrics from its flagship platform for live and on-demand video hosting and streaming. Over the course of 2020, Sherpa hosted and streamed over 11,000 events, in large part due to the increasing demand for virtual events and online videos during the pandemic. The more companies resort to a traditional personal work model, the more events are taking a hybrid approach, in which there is a digital live streaming component coupled with a physical presence component. Sherpa expects many more companies to use streaming technology and host hybrid events as it becomes the de facto event experience.

“At GovExec, we held more than 200 virtual events in the past year and embedded videos on various pages,” says the Director of Events of the Government Executive Management Group George Jackson. “We partnered with Sherpa because they have been the most reliable, consistent, and high quality platform for streaming this important video to our audience of government decision makers. We also get great insights for our customers – in terms of viewership and more – through their analytics dashboards. “Sherpa measures vital metrics on live events and video content via native dashboards on the platform and recorded over 20 million of these marketing insights in 2020 (including surveys, asked questions and many other data points).

“It was really interesting to see how creatively companies use video to communicate with their employees, partners and customers,” he explains Mark Strathdee, Co-Founder and CEO of Sherpa. “Not only are you creating new content from scratch, but you can also reuse old content and add value through that effort.” Sherpa’s extensible backbone of platform APIs enables integration with existing business systems to derive value and achieve significant productivity gains. In 2020, Sherpa recorded 10 billion API calls that enabled companies to create, host, share and measure video content in much greater detail and accuracy. Strathdee notes, “We only expect this growth to continue as Sherpa continues to develop features and functionality for our core platform offering.”

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