Shifting Cheaply You Can With These Ideas

Moving companies can sometimes put people off a bit when they look at the price tag. But you can also save a lot on moving! And because we naturally want to save on both money and stress costs, we give you a few handy tips here so that you too can move cheaply.

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1.  Move during the week

Moving on your weekday is cheaper than moving on a weekend due to weekend allowances. These surcharges can go from 25% to 75%! Movers charge these extra surcharges at the weekend because of the heavy relocation. If you still can’t plan your move during the week, schedule it for a Saturday.

By comparing different moving companies completely free of charge, you can save even more:  up to 40%. It is the easiest saving tip we can give.

On Saturdays, the surcharges are still slightly less than on Sundays. However, companies often give their employees extra time off during the week for a move. As you can see, this makes a big difference, so check carefully with the moving company!

Several questions are helpful to answer in advance. This way, you can make an inventory of which activities need to be done. Can you do this yourself, or will you have to outsource this?

  • Are a moving lift and moving van required?
  • Can you get moving boxes and moving blankets yourself?
  • Do you disassemble the furniture yourself?
  • Can you essentially pack the household contents in the moving boxes yourself?
  • Is it possible to help with the loading and unloading of the moving van?

2.  Pack/unpack moving boxes yourself

This step looks pretty standard, but moving companies often offer help with packing and unpacking moving boxes, and it can, of course, be very useful to use this during the move! But don’t! These are additional costs that you can easily avoid by packing and unpacking yourself!

To avoid packing stress, it is helpful to start packing well in advance and write/paste on each box what is in it and which room it needs to go to. We also recommend everyone, from the moment you sell your home, to start packing. This way, you save on stress and costs!

Extra tip: Second-hand boxes are also immediately a lot cheaper. When they are only used once, it is a shame to buy them new. Second-hand moving boxes are regularly offered because other people buy them now and then no longer need them and then put them on Marktplaats via Facebook. What you can also do is ask at the supermarket for large banana boxes, for example. These are open here and there but super sturdy; very useful for the slightly larger objects during the move.

3.  Top Planning

Plan; is a word that not everyone has a perfect relationship with, But it is nevertheless beneficial to plan your move well. Not only is this good for reducing stress levels, ‘haste and urgency are seldom good’! Things are often forgotten or overlooked with stress, or mistakes can be made (read piece made). Do you want to move cheaply? Then plan everything very carefully.

Therefore, poor hasty planning is one of the biggest reasons for the occurrence of extra costs when moving. So keep your cool and plan your move well and well in advance. That way, everything runs smoothly and hopefully as cheap as possible!

Extra tip: Make sure that you communicate your move well with the mover and when requesting moving quotes, provide all details and information. After all, miscommunication can also lead to additional costs.

4.  Relocation allowance?

In some relocation situations, you may be eligible for a relocation allowance, for example, in case of an emergency relocation. These can be relocations due to mandatory.

  • demolition of the house
  • renovation
  • realization of a zoning plan
  • expat relocation

Check here if you are also entitled to a  relocation allowance!

5.  Enlist family and friends

It is a tip that you should use. Enlist your friends and family to help you move! Many hands make light work; that’s how you got your moving job done. Whether you are moving with or without a mover, extra cars and extra hands that can help you with packing and transport are, of course, always welcome. And the only thing you may not have to save on is to arrange a nice lunch for all your help! Thanks to their efforts, you will undoubtedly manage to move cheaply.

6.  Transportation costs

There is quite a difference in the transport costs, depending on the distance to be covered. You can select to rent a moving van yourself; please note the required driver’s license. In addition to the car’s rental price, there are often additional costs per kilometer (or above a certain number of kilometers, e.g., from 100 km per day or the like). Make a precise calculation, including all costs.

It is different for a moving company, given that it has other moving vans. It means there is always a suitable car for your contents. You don’t have to worry about your driver’s license either; the mover has all the necessary papers. Also, specify the distance in advance, here too additional costs per kilometer will be added. By purchasing a total package, a competitive price for the moving van will be possible. It will all be shown in the quotation.

If you apply these tips, you will also be able to move cheaply, and you will save a lot of stress. Good luck

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