So the fashion of Kim Da Mi aka Yi Search engine marketing in Itaewon class went past style and graphics

As an ode to the most stylish K-Dramas of all time, we look back on Itaewon Class and the phenomenal style of the lead actress Kim Da Mi aka Yi Seo from the show! Aside from looking absolutely fabulous on the show, the styling spoke volumes about the complexity of the show and what the character was going through at the time. The show’s stylists portrayed Yi Seo as smart, young and with impeccable styling! Here are a few trends that we loved.

As a strong and independent woman, Yi Seo made sure that her wardrobe reflected the same, whether it was about colors or textures.

Yi Seo also didn’t want to stand out from the crowd at times, and her checkered choices reflected just that. Sure, flannel makes a chic statement, but it expressed a lot more that Yi Seo wanted to blend in with the crowd. The character has also styled lots of layers that reflect her multi-layered personality!

In an effort to advance her camouflage, Yi Seo went a step further than flannel and landed on a neutral color palette to help her blend in. What was interesting was that Yi Seo stayed true to her personal style even in nude and beige tones, making sure that she had dark tones of maroon or emerald somewhere in her ensembles, and her hair too!

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