Social Media Advertising Gianrt QYOU will increase gross sales forecast Income

QYOU Media Inc. (TSXV: QYOU) (OTCQB: QYOUF) announced that the company has raised its minimum revenue forecast for the past quarter by 30% June 30, 2021 to a record $ 2.6 million. It also increases the overall revenue forecast for the quarter previously published. Sales forecast for the past quarter June 30, 2021 (FY Q4 2021 and Calendar Q2 2021) is increased from the previously announced range of $ 2 to $ 2.3 million to $ 2.6 to $ 2.7 million.

Revenue growth was seen across all segments of the company and included record sales from April to June on consecutive record sales from April to June on The Q, the company’s Hindi-centric youth-centric channel serving over 100 million TV households and over 612 million OTT and Mobile users in. available is India. Revenue continues to grow across all businesses, with ad sales for The Q expected to generate record revenue for the fourth straight month in July.

Additionally, the synergies between The Q India and Chtrbox, the companies that recently took over the influencer marketing business, create the conditions for developing unique 360-degree content campaigns for brand partners that the company expects to be will lead to greater dynamism on all fronts. Finally the complete reopening of the cinemas in The United States has become a busy business for the QYOU. guided United States The Influencer Marketing Group as their core group of studio customers advertises their theatrical releases.

Curt Marvis, CEO and Co-Founder of QYOU Media, commented: “We are putting our strategy in place India. Great content partners who create hit shows. Great distributors who drive audience growth. Big brands are generating increasing revenues from advertising and influencer marketing. We are starting the second half of the year at full speed and are only now seeing the positive effects of our spectacular ratings on sales. We have yet to launch new program, sales and marketing activities that we expect to have an impact on our sales growth and status as a India fastest growing youth-oriented channel. With brands like P&G, Amazon, Pepsi and Unilever on board as advertisers, it’s clear that we are delivering a valuable audience to our brand partners. “

Marvis added, “As a company powered by social video stars and digital content creators, it’s also exciting to see the combined strength of the newly acquired Chtrbox and our QYOU. to see United States The business areas of influencer marketing create so much added value for brands as we are establishing ourselves as leaders in the rapidly expanding creator economy. And we’re just getting started. “

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