Soo-hyun’s spouse had an affair together with his brother whereas he was sleeping with Search engine marketing-young

In The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3, more secrets about the residents of the Royal the Hill neighborhood are revealed. Each secret is like a piece of a puzzle that fits together to help viewers understand the events that led to Joon-Young’s death.

In the previous episode, it was revealed that Soo-hyun was having an affair with his younger and associate, Seo-young; Joon-young is therefore his child. In The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3, it was revealed that he slept with Seo-Young after his child died.

Why did Soo-Hyun betray Eun-soo in The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3?

Soo-Hyun and Eun-Soo lost their child in a car accident, which resulted in them both grieving, albeit separately. It was around this time that Seo-young and Soo-hyun slept together.

It was also clear that this violent incident continued to haunt Soo-hyun. It has a huge impact on him as he clearly has not overcome this trauma.

The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3 also revealed more about the relationship between Soo-Hyun and Eun-Soo.

Aside from Soo-Hyun’s cunning maneuvers, Eun-Soo also had some dark secrets that could ruin their marriage.

What is Eun-Soo’s secret, and will Soo-Hyun find it in The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3?

Right from the start of The Road: Tragedy of One it was clear that Eun-soo had a secret. She hid a messenger box she had received and even seemed to have a secret with Soo-hyun’s brother.

The brothers didn’t seem to get along well and it was Eun-Soo who kept the peace between them in The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3.

Eun-Soo’s dark secret was found in The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3: She had slept with Soo-Hyun’s brother. This enraged viewers when they wondered if Yeon-Woo was Soo-Hyun’s son.

The scene where Soo-Hyun’s brother becomes a bit obsessed with Yeon-Woo’s whereabouts makes more sense when the boy was his son.

The question now is whether Soo-Hyun is aware of their affair and caused the gap between the brothers, or whether there is more to their relationship. One thing is certain, and that is that Eun-Soo is hiding the truth about contact with Soo-Hyun’s brother.

It was revealed that Joon-Young’s step-sister and Eun-Soo’s step-brother are both drug addicts. The two felt guilty about knowing Joon-Young’s whereabouts the night he died.

The two got high in an empty apartment in Royal Hill Ward. Joon-Young had dared and gone into the apartment with his friends.

It was there in The Road: Tragedy of One, Episode 3, that he encountered his family members while going crazy on drugs. However, what happened after that remains to be investigated.

The Road: Tragedy of One starring Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-eun and Kim Sung-soo is broadcast on television every Wednesday and Thursday in South Korea and can be streamed by international audiences on Viki.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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