South Dakota accuses mixed no-hitters

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – South Dakota went unstoppable in a game decided by pitching, winning their first Little League World Series game in a 2-0 shutout against Louisiana.

Gavin Weir, who played a perfect game at the regional Midwestern tournament, added a World Series no-hitter to his résumé in another extraordinary performance on the hill. He knocked out all three batter in the third, fourth, and fifth innings. Weir had 15 strikeouts in 5⅔ innings before Cason Mediger took the win.

“It went through my head, ‘I just have to hit it and don’t worry about anything and just focus on one thing at a time,'” Weir said. “I felt a little pressure – I mean, in the closing stages of the sixth I ran the first man in four pitches – but I just settled down and knew I could do it.”

Mediger ended the game after Weir threw 85 fields, the maximum allowed under Little League rules. Having thrown more than 66 throws, he has four days to rest so he won’t be on the hill for South Dakota’s next game against Oregon on Sunday. However, there is no rule preventing pitchers from playing any other position during their rest days so Weir could potentially still play on Sunday.

South Dakota head coach Mike Gorsett said Maddux Munson will be the team’s starting pitcher against Oregon.

“Maddux is our number two,” said Gorsett. “He’s another one who threw several no-hitters for us this postseason run, and like Gavin he’s definitely a team leader, so he’ll get the ball for us on Sunday.”

Sioux Falls Little League's Gavin Weir, 19, will face Lafayette Little League in the Little League World Series 2021 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania on August 20, 2021.

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Louisiana pitcher Nick Brown gave Weir a run for his money. He had eight strikeouts and only allowed four hits, but the two runs he gave up ultimately decided the game when Louisiana didn’t deserve a run.

Boston Bryant scored the first run of the game in the top of the first out of a pop-fly from Noah Kuenzi. Bryant started the series with a single, then finished second on a pass ball and third on a rogue pitch. Bryant put his speed to the test a second time for the third time, finishing in both second and third place on a rogue pitch.

Brekken Biteler scored the second run of the day in the sixth inning in a similar fashion. He made it to first place on a pop-up single, then second on a stray pitch, and third on a Bryant groundout. Weir cemented his status as the game’s MVP by bringing Biteler home on his own.

The win marks the first time Sioux Falls has won a round game without consolation at the Little League Baseball World Series.

This is Sioux Falls’ second time in the series, the first time in 2017, and the team went 0-3.

“It was tremendous for us to get two runs on the board,” said Gorsett. “You feel really good with Gavin on the hill, so this has been our motto all year round: ‘Let’s see if we can get him three (runs).’ I feel really good. This team (Louisiana) is really good. “

South Dakota will play again on Sunday against Oregon, who beat Pennsylvania 8-0 on Thursday.

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