Spiders and snakes swarm Australian properties as they flee record-breaking floods

Rains have flooded communities since Thursday, but parts of the east coast fell into crisis on Saturday when a large dam overflowed that contributed to swollen rivers and caused flash floods.

On Monday, New South Wales (NSW) Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian announced that nearly 18,000 people had been evacuated from flood-hit areas of the state. Locals used social media to show that thousands of animals were on the move too.

Matt Lovenfosse posted Facebook updates from his family’s farm in Kinchela Creek, including the photo above.

“All you can see are spiders trying to hit the flood,” he wrote in the headline.

Lovenfosse grew up on the farm and told CNN that he experienced similar floods in March 2001 and March 2013. In both cases, the floods pushed spiders toward the house, which is the highest point on the property.

“It’s still raining here and the tide is still rising, the water is getting closer to our house,” said Lovenfosse. “In the morning it should be inside and the spiders will be all over the house.”

However, Lovenfosse plans to stay in his two story home.

“My family lived here forever, I grew up here and we feel safe here,” he said.

Spiders aren’t the only animals taking refuge from the water, added Lovenfosse.

“The trees are full of snakes,” he said. “When you bring the boat over the paddock, they swim towards it and try to get on something dry, just like the spiders.”

This may sound like nightmares to some, but Lovenfosse is unmoved.

“I grew up here on the farm so I was always around snakes, spiders and all the other animals so they wouldn’t bother me. We don’t usually cross paths too often, but when the tide comes they need a place find someone to go to. ” get dry, “he said.

Melanie Williams from the NSW town of Macksville also posted a spider update on Facebook.

“So many SPIDERS from the flood,” she wrote alongside a video of hundreds of arachnids crawling over garage doors.

Parts of Australia declare natural disasters during floods TikTok user Shenea Varley also uploaded a video of spiders swarming on a fence as the flood waters stir up below.

“They will climb on your legs to find shelter too,” says the headline.

The wet weather will continue and Berejiklian predicts that more people could be evacuated.

“The situation is evolving, the heavy rains will continue and we are now seeing alerts for weather warnings for the Illawarra and the south coast,” she said.

“At no point in our state’s history do I know where we’ve had these extreme weather conditions so quickly in a row in the middle of a pandemic,” she added. “These are challenging times for New South Wales, but I think we also showed that we are capable of being resilient.”

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