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Shane Tanner has extensive firsthand experience in the motorsport industry

Shane Tanner, himself a racing driver who successfully drove behind the wheel of production vehicles at events like the Wakefield 300, knows the motorsport industry.

Growing up a fan of the sport, he found a job with Brad Jones Racing, working alongside Kim Jones after receiving a Three Certificate in Motorsports and Engineering from Albury-Wodonga TAFE.

“I was basically their sponsorship liaison officer and worked very closely with Kim Jones – I loved every minute of it,” said Tanner.

“I took care of all the drivers, sponsors and the team and did all the pit tours and stuff, which was absolutely great for someone aspiring to the V8 world.

“Then I started driving series cars, only at amateur level, that is, at AASA-type events.

“I probably had an idea two years ago; I saw a niche in the market to service drivers and teams, especially for their branding, ”he added.

“So I started motorsport websites, the main aim of which is to create websites for drivers and teams and to get their profile out there. everything from their logo design, website design, even design of their racing cars, their racing suit, the entire kit and caboodles. “

Tanner understands marketing and what sponsors are looking for, and now uses that knowledge to help young drivers position themselves appropriately as they begin their careers in the breakneck world of motorsport.

“If a mapper says, ‘I want to drive a V8 or GT racing car,’ or whatever, I can create a website for them to publicize their profile. I can then do all of their branding so that they can be presented to sponsors and the media, ”explained Tanner. sponsors the Parked Up podcast, which provides Tanner with links to other industry experts through whom he can provide services such as media training or photography.

“I have contacts everywhere that I can actually help someone say they need help talking or watching TV, or if you want to design your car or if you want to do this, I have contacts and I can do it myself. “

It enables Tanner to offer a holistic experience that makes it a one-stop shop when it comes to positioning and polishing a driver’s brand and image.

And it doesn’t stop there, because Tanner’s other store, Torq Racewear, can also be used to ensure that the on-track presentation matches the off-track image.

“I’m the sole distributor for this in Australia now, and they’re starting to pick up a little bit of steam,” he said.

“I tried to network both businesses.

“If a driver comes to me and wants to do all the branding or has a new sponsor on board, I can do everything from their website, link it to their racing suit and suit design and race car design and give them the full package .

“Instead of walking around town to meet 100 different people, I can take care of the drivers and offer a one-stop shop.”

As with most people who work in motorsport, business is less about the money than about the passion and love for the sport – that it can make a positive contribution as a by-product is a doubly rewarding result.

“I just love the sport, I love motorsport, car racing, I love being on the track and being immersed in it,” he admitted.

“I’ve always had a burning desire to drive at an amateur level myself, which I love very, very much because I also have a background in driver training, so I try to combine them.

“Also, I just love helping people who are really talented and you can see they go further.

“I just want to help people get as far as possible in this industry because I’ve seen them from both sides.

“Sometimes people need a little guidance to get through the shark motorsport that sometimes can be.”

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