Stay procuring house within the Center East – Marsaana Communications expands into billion greenback enterprise

As a pioneer of digital communication, the PR and communications agency Marsaana has expanded its activities to the conception and production of live shopping experience events in Europe and is now starting the first event in the Middle East in the run-up to Ramadan. The concept, which originated in China, is growing rapidly worldwide as the exponential growth of e-commerce and video streaming accelerated by the corona pandemic also facilitates the shift in consumer behavior towards live shopping.

“We believe that the fun and value-adding live shopping experience will be an integral part of e-commerce in the near future. With live shopping video marketing, companies get immediate engagement, strengthen and personalize their brand profile and ultimately increase sales, ”says Marsa von Walzel, founder and CEO of Marsaana and the United Arab Emirates for more than 20 years.

The live shopping events, which normally last 45 to 60 minutes, take place on the company’s own online shop platforms via live streaming. An influencer or a company expert will introduce the products and consumers will have the option of adding them directly to their shopping cart and buying them during the event. Consumers also have the option to communicate with the influencer or expert via live chat, create a personalized and interactive event, and increase conversion and add-to-cart ratios. Cosmetics and fashion companies were the first to adapt the concept, but the trend is rapidly expanding to other areas such as auto retail and real estate.

“While the events are currently taking place in the online stores, they can also be transformed into a personal shopping experience between a physical store and the customer and become a significant source of income for those stores too – for which there is no limit to growth in live shopping “, Concludes Marsa von Walzel.

Founded in 1983, Marsaana Communications is a leading PR and communications agency and a pioneer in digital communication. With the head office in Helsinki for the Nordic countries, the office in Tallinn for the Baltic States, the office in Milan for Europe and the office in Dubai established 18 years ago for the GCC and MENA regions, you can reach a wide audience. The agency’s broad service portfolio includes communication, consulting, events, influencer marketing and social media services. The new live shopping service includes strategic planning and event conception, technology, live video production, communication as well as reporting and analysis of events.

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