Suggestions for Constructing a Strong B2B Electronic mail Advertising Technique

As a B2B company, you know that lead nurturing is the name of the game. It usually takes up to five contacts with a potential customer before they can be closed. Expect the average cost of a B2B sales call to be just over $ 500. With five sales calls required to complete, the average cost per sales call is $ 500. You are looking at nearly $ 2,600 for an industrial sale close. And that’s a lot of money. How can you reduce these costs? Enter a simple B2B email marketing strategy that is an effective lead nurturing tool and reduces the number of physical sales pitches it takes to close a deal.

When it comes to methods of driving potential customers for your B2B company, email is both the most effective and generates the highest ROI of any business marketing strategy. With an average ROI of 122%, email marketing achieves a ROI that is at least four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

B2B email marketing strategy

To use such a powerful component in your multichannel marketing campaign, effective planning and error-free implementation are central to your success. To get a high return on your B2B email marketing strategy, you need to carefully plan and consider everything from creating subscriber lists to emails to cleaning up your list over time to keep it current. It all starts with developing a strategy that will maximize your resources and lead you to writing emails that guarantee high open rates and high conversions. Here are some of our favorite tips for optimizing your B2B email marketing strategy:

Create a subscriber list

When I started doing digital marketing, then called direct marketing, it was easy to create a subscriber list. You bought a list that matched the type of customer you were looking for and started sending or sending snail mail in those days that came with information about the subscriber such as industries, company size, and title. No longer. Since regulations have been enacted in both the US and the EU, buying or even renting lists will result in a heavy fine for any violation of these restrictive guidelines.

You now need to create a subscriber list from scratch. Of course, you can email anyone you currently have a relationship with, such as: B. Customers, names that users have given at trade shows (often in exchange for the chance to win a valuable prize), as well as people who have attended events such as webinars, inquiries, etc. and other events. Earning other subscribers is a tougher process that often involves using lead magnets such as a report, infographic, free trial, or any other item that the potential subscriber finds valuable.

Create messaging for a target audience

Knowing subscribers on your email list is very important. Without proper targeting, you will be wasting valuable time and other resources with the wrong people or sending the wrong message to people on your subscriber list. Because of this, you need to create an audience profile that includes demographics, geography, industries, titles, and behaviors that are relevant to your B2B organization. Sometimes you can get this information by observing the clickstream patterns of the users signed in to your website. Alternatively, you can enter great subscriber lists using social media to learn more about subscribers.

While composing your email message, a good rule of thumb is to be specific and focus on specific areas of interest to specific users. For example, if you are selling fintech products in Orlando, it is not enough to target Florida companies that have a demand for them. You need to further analyze this segment, uncover certain expectations, and find out more details in the process. This is vital as you need to send tailored content to segmented email lists.

Use the right elements when composing your email

Your subject line is vital and will have a huge impact on your open rate. If subscribers don’t even open your email, your campaign will end before it starts. Next, make sure your email is attractive and easy to use by including blocks of text and image that users can use to quickly identify the elements they want in your email message. Finally, use buttons to draw attention to your call to action as they will be bigger, more colorful, and stand out better from other elements in your email. Buttons increase the click rate by 28% compared to text with hyperlinks.

Email Marketing

It goes without saying that your email message has to look attractive to your target audience. The images must be clean and sharp, not pixelated, and your text must be free of spelling or grammatical errors. By adding spaces in your message and clearly delimiting text blocks, your email will also be more readable for subscribers.

Set specific KPIs

In addition to knowing who to send email to, you need to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign. Once you have a list of audience segments, make a list of key performance indicators, or KPIs, that show how well your campaign is doing.

First, create a general goal for the campaign that aligns with the general goals of your company. Are you looking for a good ROI? Are you focused more on getting more people to sign up for a webinar or an exclusive offer? These are vague goals at first. The next step is to translate these into SMART goals. What is the specific percentage of ROI you want to achieve? How many people attending the webinar will make for success? By setting measurable and realistic numbers, you can create benchmarks that guide future campaigns and highlight areas where you can optimize the campaign.

Test your email

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to achieving email marketing success. Something that worked well last quarter may not work this quarter. Therefore, before sending emails to B2B subscribers, do A / B tests with multiple email designs and different content variations. It is always important to assume that no B2B campaign is perfect. You just have to settle for one that fits your strategic goals. If you did not find the correct game plan on your first iteration of the options, you can return to the drawing board and make changes based on the results of the initial tests.

Clean up your list

While it might seem strange to remove subscribers from your list after you’ve worked so hard to create your subscription list, that’s exactly what you should be doing. If subscribers haven’t opened any email messages for a period of time, the best thing to do is to remove them from your list.

b2b email marketing strategy

According to experts like AWeber, weeding out your list of subscribers who won’t open your emails, subscribers whose emails are bounced, and subscribers who don’t convert roughly every 6 months will add value to your list and decrease the number of your complaints received . If you get too many complaints, service providers like Gmail will impose penalties that affect your performance.


Building a strong B2B email marketing strategy can often take a long time. However, if you take the time to analyze your needs and the needs of your audience, you can create a game plan that will produce the results you want.

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