Summit Accountable Options introduces new web site design

New summit website contains pest control information available to consumers and authoritative information for pest control professionals.

BALTIMORE – Aug 10, 2021 – (

Summit Responsible Solutions, a leading provider of environmentally sound pest control products, has launched a new consumer-accessible website with authoritative information for pest control professionals. The new website is

Summit’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have also been redesigned to offer better photos and graphics. The social media posts provide information about pest awareness and pest control.

“Summit Chemical Company and its consumer products brand, Summit Responsible Solutions pride themselves on formulating responsible solutions to a wide variety of pest problems,” said Jonathan Cohen, president of Summit Chemical. “We have earned a good reputation for fighting insect pests and protecting people and the environment. We wanted our online presence to reflect our brand and our commitment to responsible solutions. “

Summit Responsible Solutions is known for its best-selling mosquito control products, Mosquito Dunks® and Mosquito Bits®. The active ingredient in these environmentally friendly products is a naturally occurring bacterium called BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis). BTI naturally kills mosquito larvae before they can become disease-transmitting adults. Although BTI is deadly to mosquito larvae, it is harmless to humans, pets, fish, wildlife, and beneficial insects.

“Mosquitoes spread some of the world’s deadliest and most vulnerable diseases, including the West Nile virus and malaria,” Cohen said. “It may never be possible to live in a completely mosquito-free environment, but environmentally friendly Summit products are very effective at killing mosquitoes that can transmit deadly diseases.”

Effectiveness and environmental health

A key message on the new Summit website and on Summit’s social media pages is the company’s commitment to product effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

“We are constantly striving to develop and promote cutting-edge pest control solutions for consumers and professionals in the pest control industry,” said Bill Stengel, vice president – Sales for Summit.

The improved website design includes a new blog section called Responsible Insights. The most recent posts include stories about controlling mosquito breeding sites during the rainy season and a post titled “What does Going Green Mean?”. Another new section of the website provides information for public health professionals.

Summit Responsible Solutions also makes Summit® Year-Round® Spray Oil, Summit® Tick and Flea Spray, Summit® Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control, and Summit® Deer BanTM. These products are available at fine garden centers, hardware stores, home centers, and online retailers. More information is available at

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Summit Responsible Solutions introduces new website design

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