Suspect within the “homicide” of one in all Britain’s richest males who was arrested 100 miles away after a automotive accident

These images show the dramatic moment when a suspect of the alleged murder of one of Britain’s richest men was arrested after a car accident.

The arrest came 100 miles from the £ 2 million mansion where real estate tycoon Sir Richard Lexington Sutton, an 83-year-old baronet, and a woman aged 60 were stabbed to death Wednesday night.

Armed police reportedly brought a Range Rover to a standstill in Chiswick, west London, after tracking the vehicle in five counties.

Officers then began treating the injured driver on a sidewalk, with one wearing a defibrillator, until paramedics arrived to pick up the man and transport him to the hospital, a witness said.

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Police pulled a man out of a Range Rover and began treating him at the scene, witnesses say

Police arrested a 34-year-old man known to Sir Richard and the woman who was attacked on suspicion of murder in Higher Langham, Dorset.

Sir Richard was so badly wounded that police initially believed he had been shot, the Times reported.

The woman, who is alleged to be Sir Richard’s second wife, physical therapist Anne Schreiber, 65, was in critical condition after being flown to Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

The suspect, who was from the Gillingham area, lived with Sir Richard and the woman, the Sun reports.

A knife, passport and clothing are seen on the floor after a murder suspect was arrested

A knife, British passport and clothing can be seen in the street

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton was stabbed to death at his Dorset home

The suspect visited his father’s grave on Wednesday, and detectives are investigating whether this led to a collapse prior to the attack, the Times reported.

Photos in the West London arrest scene show damaged vehicles, including a Range Rover and BMW, after a collision, and police treated a person next to the cars while armed officers stand nearby.

Other pictures show paramedics taking the man away on a stretcher.

A witness told MailOnline they heard loud pops and looked outside to see a Range Rover stalled between tagged police vehicles and the unmarked BMW X5.

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The driver appeared to be in “distress” when he was pulled out of the Range Rover and “laid” on the ground.

Officials cut off his clothes and wrapped him in “silver foil” when they gave him first aid, the witness said.

They added, “I saw an officer go to the back of the X5 and pull out what looked like a defibrillator. The ambulances showed up a short time later.

“After maybe an hour to 90 minutes, he was placed on a stretcher with an oxygen mask over his mouth and placed on the back of one of the ambulances.

A man is arrested for the alleged murder of Sir Richard Lexington Sutton

Witnesses say the police wrapped the driver in “silver foil” and provided first aid

Anne Schreiber

Sir Richard’s second wife, the physiotherapist Anne Schreiber

“I heard (an officer) say ‘five stab wounds’ which I thought were the injuries of the driver they stopped.”

50-year-old witness Maureen Kane said she heard an accident and looked like armed police officers jumped on a car and aimed their guns.

Maureen, who works in video marketing, said, “I just heard loud screeches from cars dodging and then hearing crashes.

“Then I looked out my window and saw many armed police officers jumping on a car and pointing guns at a man and his entire car.

The suspect of the alleged murder of Sir Richard Lexington Sutton is hospitalized

Paramedics came and took the suspect to the hospital

“He was a white man in his thirties and seemed hurt – it looked pretty bad.

“He was naked when they tore off his clothes and pulled him out of the car.

“I was scared … there were so many police officers with guns.

“About 10 policemen surrounded him before an ambulance arrived.

“Then I saw another 30 or 40 police cars arrive and a lot of people were screaming with guns.”

Police had followed the Range Rover after it left Dorset and crossed Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey before entering the capital.

Helicopters were also messed up and a team of SCO19 firearms officers in an armed emergency vehicle moved in and forced it to stop on a street in Chiswick at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the Sun reported.

Met police said, “As they approached the vehicle, officers found that the only male occupant had sustained a number of serious injuries.”

The suspect was rushed to hospital with injuries that were not believed to be life threatening.

Forensic scientist at the location of Sir Richard Lexington Sutton's arrest

Forensic experts analyze the scene after the crash and the arrest of the suspect

Sir Richard and the woman in her sixties were stabbed to death at Moorhill, a large detached property in the posh hamlet of Higher Langham near Gillingham.

The police received a phone call from an affected member of the public for the benefit of the residents of the house.

When they got there, they found Sir Richard with fatal knife wounds.

Nothing could be done to save him and he was pronounced dead on the scene at 9:15 p.m.

The police have confirmed that the suspect is known to the victim.

The police stand in front of Sir Richard Lexington Sutton's house

Police stand outside Sir Richard’s £ 2 million house in Higher Langham near Gillingham in Dorset.

Sir Richard has been described as an “old English landowner” with an estimated value of £ 301 million and ranked 435th on the Sunday Times Rich List.

The grandfather owned a huge portfolio of hotels, properties, and farms across the country. The portfolio includes two posh hotels on Park Lane in central London.

He and his first wife Fiamma had two children, David (61) and Caroline (55) and five grandchildren.

A woman who worked for Sir Richard Sutton Limited (SRSL) told the Sun, “What happened is worse than anything else at Midsomer Murders. It’s an absolute tragedy. “

A SRSL spokesman said: “We are deeply saddened and devastated by the sudden death of Sir Richard Sutton announced this morning.

Police at Sir Richard Lexington Sutton

Sir Richard and a woman were attacked in Moorhill on Wednesday

“Sir Richard was a caring, generous, and warm family man who truly viewed those who worked for him as part of his extended family.

“Sir Richard was passionate about his company and his employees, setting the highest and highest quality standards in the areas of hotels, agriculture and real estate within the group.

“His loss will be felt by everyone in the company, those who have worked with him and his family who have lost an incredible person.

“Our thoughts go with the Sutton family at this tragic time.”

Three police vans were seen at the entrance of a long driveway leading to the secluded property, while forensic experts were observed inside Thursday.

A police chain in the driveway of Sir Richard Lexington Sutton's house

The woman injured in the attack was in a circular state in the hospital

A neighbor said: “The Suttons live there. They have two grown children and grandchildren.

“It’s just awful. You would never imagine that something like this could happen. They are nice people.”

A local farmer said, “I saw a search helicopter with a headlamp overhead last night and then an ambulance landed.

“The people who live there are an old English landowner and his wife.”

Another neighbor said he knew police helicopters fly over the house for several hours.

Her family was informed and the Dorset coroner was informed of the death.

Detective Inspector Simon Huxter of the Dorset Police Department’s Major Crime Investigation Team said: “Our thoughts go with the family of the man who sadly died during this extremely difficult time and the injured woman. They are supported by specially trained officers.

“We are going to be conducting a full investigation to determine exactly what happened at the Higher Langham address and I would ask anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious in the area on the evening of April 7th to contact us To connect.

“A cordon will remain in place at the address and there will continue to be a heavy police presence nearby if we conduct an investigation. Officials can be approached by members of the public with information or concerns.”

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