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July 19, 2021 5 minutes to read

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TikTok is the social media platform with the most long-term potential. But why is that so? There is great organic potential and there are many active users creating and consuming content in a personal way. Unlike other social platforms with heavily edited photos or even quick snippets of text with a hashtag, TikTok allows users to see real faces and hear the voices of their favorite creators, often without filters. In addition, TikToks can easily migrate to other social media platforms by sharing. Some content creators upload their TikToks to their other social media channels and viewers will share these short videos on other platforms.

The rise of TikTok reminds me of the beginnings of YouTube: Lots of people upload videos and get thousands of views within a short period of time before they fail. Some YouTubers would become influencers and corporate sponsorship, but most would not.

TikTok does not mimic that short-lived success YouTube had in its early days, nor does it seem to follow Vine’s rise and fall.

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The app was launched worldwide in 2017 and currently has 73.7 million active users with over 2 billion downloads worldwide. All of these users can potentially see your content, and your brand can have thousands, if not millions, of impressions on the app. I heard that Ocean Spray had over 15 million impressions on the platform after creator Nathan Apodaca featured the company’s product in his videos.

I’ve tested the organic potential with some of my own goofy videos and was stunned by the millions of views, hundreds of thousands of comments, thousands of duets I’ve gotten in the past few months on video subjects ranging from the formidable impact of the Canadian passport to DC Villains on Facts on Books. I also have channels devoted to sharing my favorite marketing tips that may not get millions of views like the more general and silly channels, but are still seen by my target audience in organic ways that any other platform would have billed for. Every group you can think of is on Tik Tok, and Creators can reach millions if they want to reach a general audience or a specific group.

TikTok inspires organic growth

The unique, innovative algorithm of this fast growing social media platform enables your account to reach a lot of people based on how much they like your content. Similar to the Instagram algorithm, users see posts or accounts that they interact with the most often. The more you look at a particular creator’s content, the more likely it is that their content will reappear in your feed.

The video completion at TikTok is enormous. When users watch a video in its entirety, the TikTok algorithm is more likely to suggest that video to other users’ feeds. The more users finish the video, the more feeds the video will be shown.

Hashtags and viewing habits of users also influence the TikTok algorithm. For example, if you want to watch videos in niche communities like DanceTok, BookTok, and MusicTok, the algorithm suggests similar videos. Similar to other social media platforms, brands looking to harness the potential of TikTok should keep up with trending hashtags, songs, and maybe dances to increase the reach of their video.

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TikTok offers more than other social media platforms

With TikTok you feel more like part of a community than with other social media platforms. The niche communities that have emerged over the past year have a place for everyone, and new niches are constantly emerging as more users join the platform. BusinessTok or BrandTok, for example, are two niche communities where entrepreneurs and business leaders share tips and experiences and stream some of their events live. BookTok is another popular niche where bibliophiles meet to share book recommendations and celebrate new releases.

TikTok enables users to see and interact with one another in ways that other social media platforms like Twitter cannot. Video responses and duets allow YouTubers to connect to create a more real connection.

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If you are a business owner, I highly recommend making a TikTok. Marketers, accountants, restaurant services, chefs, lawyers, doctors, and many other professionals have created profiles for fun and brand awareness. As a result, you will organically reach more people, resulting in more buyers, leads, and even customers. TikTok is an excellent opportunity for any content creator, but especially for entrepreneurs ready to take the next step in their marketing plan. If you are a business owner, you should always stay up to date on marketing trends, techniques, and new platforms. TikTok is one of them, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

Take advantage of its viral nature and let it help your brand take their digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

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