The 7 Finest Instruments for Figuring out Tune Keys

As a music fanatic, you may need scales based on chords for a song you’ve composed or an existing number. If you’re a DJ and want to mix some tracks in the same key to make sure the entire mix mixes properly, you need software that can help you find song keys.

Here is a list of the top tools to help you find the most accurate song keys.

Find song keys with Mixed in Key

Mixed in Key claims to be 10 percent more accurate than any other key recognition software. It can recognize the exact keys of almost most songs. It features a sleek website design and a nifty user interface for all music lovers to find the key of a song with ease.

Some of the most notable features of this application are:

  • An advanced key recognition system that allows users to find compatible songs to mix with.

  • Check the results using the wing added in the software.

  • The energy level detection helps to combine songs of the same tempo.

  • Customize ID3 tagging to save mixed-in-key results in your music files.

  • Automatically add up to 8 cue points.

Download: Mixed In Key for Mac | Window (free)

Find song keys with Djay Pro

djay Pro is a DJ software with the most advanced functions for recognizing keys, BPM and beats. The software has a frequency based color waveform which makes it easier to find keys and makes the user interface more attractive.

Inside the app, you’ll find the unique Surface Dial support, which lets you browse, scratch, loop, and customize the on-screen controls for each deck through the music library. This offers music lovers unique DJ interaction.

The basic functions of this app include:

  • A library of over 20 million songs.

  • Advanced audio processing functions and audio mixing with adjustable crossfader curves.

  • Touchscreen and desktop support.

  • Simple plug and play allows you to set up your favorite DJ system with ease.

  • Provides a multi-channel audio interface for listening to channels during the performance.

Download: djay Pro for Mac | Window (free)

Find song keys with Get Song Key

Useful for DJs and songwriters, this platform has more than six million databases of keys and other information for music fans. Each track is stored in four categories to make it easier to find the key of the samples – positivity, danceability, energy, and sharpness.

In addition, similar songs are suggested through this software to make complex melodies with ease. No download is required and you can compose right from GetSongKey’s website.

The main functions of GetSongKey are:

  • Includes a song key notation converter that can instantly convert any song key between music key, camelot wheel, or open key notation.

  • Has a unique song key finder to identify the key of the song.

  • The key transposer function allows users to transpose any chord progression into a different key.

  • Provides suggestions on the best harmonic mixing keys for DJs.

  • Allows the song key to be extracted from any chord progression to amaze your audience.

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Find song keys with Audio Key Chain

This is an online tool that allows users to identify the key and tempo of an entire song and find compatible tracks to create mashups. Users can also upload their music and share it publicly or choose the website to be private of their choice. The site is completely free to use, but you’ll need to sign up for a free account to see all of the data.

Some key features of the audio key chain are:

  • You can save the edited tracks for public collection and results with your friends.

  • This platform only supports MP3 and WAV files with a file size limit of 15MB for uploading the tracks.

  • The audio key chain database provides users with an editable collection of tracks. Users can also help correct any incomplete or incorrect information.

Find song keys with Mixxx

Mixxx integrates creative live mixes with digital music files and is open source DJ software for Windows, Mac and Linux. The software offers many handy tools including changing BPM (Beats Per Minute), changing the cover art, etc. Users can also view and edit detailed song properties by simply right-clicking on a song.

Some basic functions include:

  • The BPM and musical tone detection function helps to find the next track from the user’s library. You can also use master sync to adjust the tempo of four songs for a seamless mix.

  • You can also use turntables with time-coded records to control playback and scratch the digital music files.

  • It allows adding multiple effects together and rotating them to tracks for different sound effects.

Download: Mixxx for Mac | Window (free)

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Find song keys with Tunebat

Tunebat is a free online tool with a database of over 40 million songs. In addition to rendering information for BPM, it offers recommendations for harmonic mixing. It’s a good tool for music producers who want to remix songs and music lovers who want to understand music a bit better by recording and tuning it.

Some of the features of Tunebat are:

  • The software is browser-based, so analysis and calculations are only performed within the browser and the files are not sent to another computer, keeping your music files safe.

  • Tunebat uses ML models with large audio data sets.

  • The algorithms were developed by various Ph.D. Audio experts to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Find song keys with Scaler 2

Scaler-2 is based on a comprehensive knowledge base about chords, scales and harmonies. It contains more than 30 internal sounds from piano, synthesizer, orchestra and guitar, more than 100 new genre-based songs and 100 new chord sets for artists.

It provides access through three zones: the upper detection zone, which shows chords identified in incoming MIDI data; the middle zone, which shows either a combination of scales with the best match detected or a combination of presets; and the lower zone, where users can experiment with different chord progressions.

Some features of Scaler-2 include:

  • Offers more than 400 genre and artist chord sets.

  • Easy MIDI export via drag & drop.

  • Lock the keys of chords to help non-pianists play complex melodies on a MIDI keyboard.

  • Available for $ 49, with a $ 19 upgrade feature. Prices are expected to rise shortly.

Download: Scaler-2 for Mac | Window (free)

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Whether you are an aspiring creative looking to perform live creative mixes or a seasoned DJ, the software for finding the right song key will help you support your style and mixing techniques.

So download the tool that you think will best suit your workflow and immerse yourself in the wonderful ocean of music by composing your own music.


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