The annual assembly of the river valleys goes easily native information

WARDSBORO – Voters approved all items presented at the River Valleys Unified School District Annual Meeting.

“Everything went smoothly,” said district clerk Andy McLean in an email response to the reformer on Sunday.

At the Saturday meeting, held in a tent in Wardsboro, it numbered about 50 people. The meeting has been postponed from February so that it can be held live instead of live.

In addition to the approximately $ 6 million budget for the operation of elementary schools in Dover and Wardsboro, voters voted to remove the elected position of auditor. Vermont law allows districts to do this if they have external professional audits conducted each year, McLean previously said.

Voters approved a US $ 18,490 tuition fee for secondary school students that would cover Manchester’s Burr and Burton Academy. Last year the price for B&B was approved at $ 17,990. The statewide average for 7-12 elementary schools from 2021 to 2022 is $ 16,842, according to the Vermont Agency of Education.

“The increase in the amount of tuition we cover to send children to accredited non-public schools in the Burr and Burton has received the most comment – some people are wondering if this is a place we can save some money, some People (mainly parents)) to speak up for the article to improve the playing field for children whose families might otherwise not be able to send their children to B&B and a general consensus supported by the school board that the payment of the statewide Average would not necessarily bring much or no savings. “Said McLean.

He said another article that sparked “a series of discussions” raised $ 30,000 to design, implement, and maintain websites.

The alert also included articles on funding capital improvements to reserve accounts of $ 20,000 for buildings and $ 10,000 for transportation.

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