The candidates for Mayor of Omaha: RJ Neary

KFAB reporter Jeff Turner delves deep into the candidates running in Omaha’s mayor race in this ongoing series. This second episode is a profile of RJ Neary, an Omaha businessman.

With the end of the 2020 presidential contest, Omaha will continue to face major elections. The primary election for Omaha’s Mayor Race is in April, and the candidates have already announced their intentions to start.

One such candidate is Investors Realty’s Broker and President, RJ Neary. Neary has decades of business experience in Omaha after starting commercial real estate in 1980. “I have the right ideas for the future of Omaha and the ability to implement them. I’m going into this race with great ideas and the experience to implement them.” “Neary tells KFAB Radio News.

Neary breaks down its main political goals – roads, economic development, public safety, networking Omaha’s neighborhoods, and sustainability. “The people of Omaha have identified the streets as one of their primary concerns,” says Neary.

Maintaining Omaha’s streets has been a major concern throughout Mayor Jean Stothert’s tenure – to the point when one of her opponents, Heath Mello, spoke about it in 2017. Mayor Stothert’s most recent attempt to improve the quality of Omaha’s roads came through a $ 200 million bond approved in the primary election May 12 last year. A report from the Omaha World-Herald said this will come at the expense of an increase in property taxes.

Neary emphasizes his desire not to play politics as mayor. “Lots of people in Omaha are ready for fresh, innovative, and new ideas. I will look to the future and try to improve Omaha for the next few decades. “

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Neary points out the importance of listening to the experts – “we have some of the best medical professionals in the country here in Omaha at UNMC – as mayor, I would have used them as a guide.”

Mayor Stothert issued a mask mandate in August. Omaha was the last of the country’s hundred largest cities to receive a mandate.

According to Neary, growing Omaha companies is a top priority: “I’ve been helping small businesses grow for 40 years. I have seen the positive impact our small businesses have in job creation and wealth on the local economy. “

“Now it is important that the next Omaha Mayor have specific guidelines in place to get our small businesses back on their feet. My Omaha starts with making sure they have the tools they need to be successful.”

You can read more about RJ Neary on his website.

The Omaha Mayoral primary, in which all candidates, Republicans, Democrats and Independents will participate, will take place on April 6th.

(Photo by Neary for Omaha)

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