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NEW YORK, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Starting a new business or taking your existing business to the next level can be a challenge for a self-financed entrepreneur in this day and age. With high level competition and challenging economic change in any industry, it takes a head start to be successful. Business coach and branding designer Erica Powell believes that any entrepreneur can be financially successful with the right guidance, support, and training. Your signature coaching program, The Joie Society, is one such source of support for business owners. As a business building community and referral network for high quality service entrepreneurs who want to grow their business exponentially, The Joie Society gives service entrepreneurs the tools and support to triple their profitability, sales, and consistently book dream customers without working harder.

Founded by strategic business coach Erica Powell, The Joie Society is their signature coaching program for high quality service entrepreneurs. Erica Powell is also the founder of Erica Powell & Co., a custom branding and website design company. Erica takes a multi-faceted approach to helping six- and seven-digit service entrepreneurs triple their sales without working harder.

By The Joie Society and her proven method, The Revenue by Design Blueprint, Erica is able to help new and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs alike to consistently close down the dream high-dollar customers they would most like to work with. With her effective and unique step-by-step coaching program, Erica Powell has helped entrepreneurs around the world start six- and multiple seven-figure businesses while enjoying their lives to the fullest on the path to success.

What is “The Revenue by Design Blueprint”?

The Revenue by Design Blueprint is The Joie Society magical, step-by-step, and proven curriculum that helps service entrepreneurs build strong business foundations, plan profits, captivate and close their dream clients on repetition, and increase their earnings to help them reach their financial goals faster than ever. Erica and her team were developed in a four-phase structure and help service entrepreneurs in the event, business services and lifestyle industries to scale their sales and grow their sales exponentially. The four phases of The Revenue by Design Blueprint are as follows –

Phase 1 – Design your basics

With The Joie Society and his curriculum in The Revenue by Design Blueprint, the days of hustle and bustle with no results are over! In Phase 1, Erica Powell shares the changes she has made as a service entrepreneur to move from scaling over the past six-digit years to tapping into several six-digit months. With Erica Powell’s best business expansion strategies, business owners can find their way to their personal next level.

Phase 2 – Plan for Profit

Phase 2 of The Revenue by Design Blueprint helps entrepreneurs consciously design (or redesign) their business in order to achieve their lifestyle goals, uncover their niche in the market, evaluate their services profitably, plan profits, systems and technologies integrate to streamline workflows and learn how to position your business to expand exponentially.

Phase 3 – Captivate your customers

In phase 3, The Joie Society Members learn to consistently win and captivate their dream customers. Phase 3 also outlines the steps to building an online presence that shows the best of the business owner and what their company is doing.

Phase 4 – Increase your sales

Phase 4 helps entrepreneurs support higher prices with fewer objections, gives any business owner the tools and systems to close dream customers with ease and increase sales month after month.

The Joie Society Membership Benefits

The Joie Society Membership offers several additional benefits that can help service entrepreneurs reach their true potential and scale their sales to the level they want. The Joie Society gives members exclusive access The Joie Society Membership Directory (The Collaborative Network). Here entrepreneurs can create their own beautiful profiles to view their work, get contact information, share their services, and send collaboration requests to other members of the Joie Society.

Further advantages are:

  • Monthly business strategy meetings
  • Live Q&A with Erica and Spotlight guest experts
  • Exclusive community for members only
  • Monthly review of personal accountability
  • Bonus tools and resources
  • Welcome gift & success guide

Because The Joie Society is more of a membership program than a course, entrepreneurs can complete The Revenue By Design Blueprint at their own pace throughout their membership. Erica and her team of highly trained success coaches are able to answer membership questions within the community and help business owners stay accountable for their own success.


The Joie Society Contains Erica Powell’s Secrets to Working Smarter Than Harder and is designed to help new and established business owners alike achieve exponential expansion for their businesses. The Joie Society supports service companies not only to make steady and constant progress, but also to scale their success exponentially without workaholic rush. Erica Powell created The Joie Society Exceptional support for exceptional entrepreneurs with a step-by-step method to grow their services business exponentially, a clear roadmap for success, and step-by-step action plans. Attend Erica’s Free Master Class, This is how you consistently close customers with a high dollar percentageto learn more about Erica’s signature method and if The Joie Society can help you and your business, HERE

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