The mother of three turned her enterprise weblog right into a $ 5,000 month-to-month earnings stream

As a mother of three, Latasha Peterson used her blog to create the life she wants for her family.

In 2016, Peterson started Arts and Budgets as a side business while pregnant with their first child. She has since used her blog to pay off debts, educate others, and spend more time with her family. Now she makes around $ 5,000 a month on her blog from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, side hustle coaching, advertising, and digital products.

“With my husband’s help, I’ve turned my sideline into a full-time business,” Peterson wrote on Instagram. “[It] gives me the opportunity to work with our babies from home. I have created 8 sources of income and am on my way to becoming debt free. “

Mom of 3 is turning the blog into a full time home based business

Peterson has a background in musical theater and performance. To support her lifestyle, she was always on the lookout for side activities that would give her the flexibility to live her dreams. Peterson has worked as a brand ambassador and participated in focus groups. But the side gig that changed the game for Peterson and her family was blogging.

“Before I started Arts and Budgets, I was an aspiring singer who didn’t know how to effectively manage my finances,” Peterson shared on her blog. “I lived from paycheck to paycheck and never had enough money at the end of the month. I’ve been on quite a journey, but since then my husband and I have grown Arts and Budgets into a five-figure company that is getting bigger every day. “

Peterson started monetizing their website in 2017. Today, Arts and Budgets draws over 100,000 readers to the website every month. She also helps others make their first $ 1,000 online through her courses.

Tips for making money online

While making money from home may seem difficult if you’ve never done it, Peterson shares tips on how to do it on her blog and social media. First, Peterson identified her skills and talents and followed others who reflected the success she wanted to achieve. Then she wrote down her goals, identified her action points, and made a commitment to make progress each week.

“For example, one of the new goals I set for myself in December 2020 was to make at least $ 3,000 a month on my blog,” Peterson said in an article published on Grow. “I knew that one of the ways to achieve this goal was to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO) and get more people to the site by Googling the topics I wrote about.”

Entrepreneurship is a learning experience. Peterson has tested ideas, researched their target audience, and acquired new skills to continually grow their business. But Peterson believes one of the most important ingredients to being a successful entrepreneur is persistence.

“When I was making real business out of my blog in 2017, I decided to pick two platforms to promote my content every day,” says Peterson. “I chose Pinterest because it’s a good driver for website traffic. Then Instagram because it’s a great platform to show your personality to your audience. I’ve gained new customers and product sales from both Instagram and Pinterest. With the help of both platforms, I have made over 100 sales of my courses and products. “

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