The solid of RHOSLC is swarmed by law enforcement officials earlier than Jen Shah is arrested for “telemarketing rip-off” in a terrifying season trailer

The stars of real Salt Lake City housewives are swarmed by police officers before Jen Shah is arrested in a new trailer.

Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated second season of the Bravo show, the first glance sees the women in shock as police circling their party bus.

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At the premiere you could see how the women were swarmed by the policeImage credit: Bravo
Jen quickly fled the scene before the police arrived


Jen quickly fled the scene before the police arrivedImage credit: Bravo

Jen, 47, was charged with conspiracy to commit wire transfer fraud in a “telemarketing program” and is sentenced to 30 YEARS behind bars.

The reality star was caught up with by police during the filming of the show’s upcoming season when police swarmed her location.

New footage from the premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City shows Jen fleeing a parking lot after meeting her fellow wives on a road trip.

She was filmed answering the phone with her husband Sharrieff before quickly leaving the group – using police cars that pulled up moments later.

“We’re in the parking lot at Beauty Lab & Laser,” Jen tells her other half on the phone in the creepy footage that was taken on the bus.

The TV star then reaches out to co-star Whitney Rose to ask her to turn off her microphone behind her back while the call continues.

“I have bad news, I just got a call and have to go,” Jen tells the rest of the group before fleeing the scene in a pickup truck.

Moments later, unmarked police cars swarm the wives’ vehicle and beg for Jen when a police helicopter circles them from above.

“What the hell is going on,” one of the women can be heard saying in the background while another tells the cops, “She just left.”

“You guys, what if she’s on the run?” Heather Gay then asks, while Whitney reads from a news roll: “[She’s] accused of stealing people’s money. Fraud.”

Dramatic clips show Jens’s house being searched by the police and the star entering the car from a courthouse.

It seems that in the new series, the fellow women will also try to delete their names from the business, as Lisa criticizes them in the premiere as “not who she says”.

“If we don’t share what we know, we are in danger,” concludes Whitney before the clip comes to an explosive ending.

“It was so chaotic”

Earlier this year, The Sun exclusively revealed how Jen was arrested with the women on camera before a girls trip to Colorado.

The insider revealed about the scenes: “Cameras were on, but it was so chaotic, I’m not sure what exactly was recorded.”

“The cast were preparing for a group trip to Colorado,” they continued. “Jen was so excited, of course she wanted to be full of glamor, so she went and had her braids made especially for the trip.

“Literally out of nowhere after getting a phone call, she seemed to panic and had to leave because she said it was an urgent emergency with her husband Sharrieff.

“Maybe a few minutes later cops came looking for Jen, but she was gone. They said they were federal law enforcement agencies. “


Back in March, Jen was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a “telemarketing program” and face 30 YEARS in prison.

Police also arrested the Bravo star’s assistant, Stuart Smith, and they were charged with a telemarketing conspiracy to commit wire fraud and a money laundering conspiracy.

At the time of the arrest, Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss said in a press release received from The Sun: “Jennifer Shah, who portrays herself on ‘reality’ television as a wealthy and successful businesswoman, and Stuart Smith, who portrays herself as Shahs ‘First Assistant’ allegedly creates and sells ‘lead lists’ of innocent people to other members of their system in order to repeatedly cheat.

“In reality, as claimed, the so-called business opportunities that Shah, Smith and their co-conspirators had forced upon the victims were just fraudulent schemes, motivated by greed, to steal the victims’ money.

“Now these defendants face jail time for their alleged crimes.”

Since the RHOSLC star was released without ties, Jen has been banned from drinking excessively and using drugs, unable to use her credit cards, withdraw excessive funds, and travel outside of Utah until her October hearing.


In The Sun’s indictment, participants had a “Business Opportunity Scheme” in which they “sold alleged services” to make the alleged victim’s businesses more efficient or profitable.

According to the court records, this included “tax preparation or website design services” for victims who “were older and did not have a computer”.

Participants in the program also disclosed information about “coaching sessions”, despite the court documents claiming that “at no time did the defendants intend that the victims would actually get the promised return on their intended investment”.

Jennifer and Stuart tried to hide their roles in the Business Opportunity Scheme.

In one example, they used encrypted messaging apps to communicate with other people involved in this scheme.

According to the indictment, the scheme ran from 2012 to March 2021.

Jen was arrested for


Jen was arrested back in March for “telemarketing fraud”Credit: AP
Police officers came and asked about Jen after she escaped from the scene


Police officers came and asked about Jen after she escaped from the sceneImage credit: Bravo
The women were in shock after she left before the road trip


The women were in shock after she left before the road tripImage credit: Bravo
RHOSLC’s Jen Shah is demanding fans $ 99 each for cameo video messages after they are arrested

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