The video exhibits 4-year-old Dallas Boy Money Gernon’s killer returning for his twin, Carter

The teenager, who was accused of ripping a 4-year-old boy out of his bed and stabbing him to death, returned home afterward, hovering over the child’s twin brother, the Daily Mail reports. The newspaper received the terrible security video showing the kidnapping of Cash Gernon in Dallas on Saturday morning. The footage shows the kidnapper sneaking into the bedroom before dawn and leaving with the sleeping toddler – and then returning around 7 a.m. to leave quickly, apparently scared by something. “It scares me to think he could have come back for Carter,” said Monica Sherrod, who looked after the boys, of the surviving twin. Police arrested 18-year-old Darriynn Brown in Cash’s murder, but did not reveal a motive. Sherrod took care of Cash and Carter after their father, her ex-boyfriend, left the house in March.

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