The Way forward for Video Advertising – Predictions from Trade Consultants

Video production is an important part of your marketing in today’s world. Therefore, it is more important than ever to not only create high quality video for your business, but also to understand trends so that your content reaches the most people in the most effective way possible.

We spoke to Matt Middleton, Creative Director of a local production company, Glow frog videoto get his expert insights and predictions for the world of video.

“With 689 million active monthly users (DataReportal 2021), TikTok has really changed the way people view content in recent years. It was the most downloaded app in 2020 and for those who don’t know, it is a type of video and social media integration app where people can upload short videos and other users can watch them within a continuous content carousel.

“TikTok naturally prefers portrait content so that the video completely fills the phone screen without the viewer having to turn their phone. Facebook and Instagram have also already promoted this. It’s a departure from the traditional wide 16: 9 aspect ratio we’ve come to expect from our TVs (and indeed, when your phone is flipped horizontally).

“Those wide videos still have their place and I believe they will continue to do so in the future, but content creators and business owners now need to seriously consider what aspect ratio they will use to create their videos.

“Or, better said, have one concrete intention where their video will be uploaded before the camera starts to ensure that the video is ideal for use on a particular platform or medium. Are you creating videos that most people will watch on a phone? Portrait format is increasingly preferred. This is a trend that will only catch on over time.

Even YouTube has sensed the threat from TikTok and this year introduced a new section called “Shorts,” which is very similar in style to the TikTok “carousel” of content and encourages channel owners to upload shorter videos. TikTok has a video length limit of either 1 minute or 3 minutes depending on whether the video was created within the app or externally, while Instagram has had a 1 minute limit for many years (assuming you don’t want to force viewers to press’ next look ‘and enter IGTV).

“This creates a new need for short, crisp videos that get your message across quickly. Personally, I think that’s a bit of a shame – the more artistic elements and the “breath” of the video are often sacrificed because there is no more time to insert pauses and cutaways for information digestion or artistic passages or really or go to the bones of the topic, which is discussed / explained in the video.

“A quick overview is now the order of the day. Of course, this still depends on where you want to show the video – it’s not if you want to upload the video or show it in a location that is not geared towards short videos – for example, when you go to the Upload the home page of your website or display it on screens in your store. Hence the increased requirement for planning in advance where you will publish the video. But by and large, videos of no more than 1 minute in length will become more common. “

Matt then explained that this shorter video trend is inherently tied to several other “trends” as well, or rather, as he put it, demands on effective online video lately – these are “shock,” and divisible Audience retention. All of this is very important and considered well when Glow frog start a new customer project.

“Can we really involve the viewer immediately – because if not, there is a possibility that they will not watch until the end.”

“Videos for TikTok and Instagram not only have to be short, powerful and ideally in a portrait section, they also have to offer the viewer an almost immediate ‘payout’ in the form of surprise or intrigue, so that the viewer then feels compelled to look further and to share it with their friends.

“It’s way too easy now to just flip through a video that didn’t catch your attention in the first 5 to 10 seconds. In our opinion, this is now the most important part of any edit – can we really get the viewer involved right away – because if not, there’s a chance they won’t watch the rest of the way. But of course the video has to be surprising or interesting enough while.

“There is just too much other content to be expected to have the patience to get through an uninteresting video. Videos from more than 20 days are uploaded to YouTube every minute (Blog.YouTube, 2021). It is therefore important to consider how we can achieve “audience loyalty” with every video we produce.

“That means not only knowing where the video is being uploaded and tailoring it optimally for that platform, but also making sure that the overall theme of the video is surprising and / or interesting enough to even give it a chance. Obviously, audience retention is easier to achieve with a shorter video, so there’s another reason the new trend toward shorter videos exists. “

“Sometimes our customers have a very clear idea of ​​what they want, but haven’t considered those trends or whether their idea will result in an engaging, effective video that people actually want to see. We are experts in marketing videos, largely thanks to my previous role as Marketing Manager for over ten years prior to starting Glowfrog Video Production. It’s great when we have the opportunity to work more closely with the client to get the best video possible for them that will produce the results they want.

“Literally every company can benefit from effective videos and we look forward to discussing ideas with customers, regardless of whether the customer is new to us or has been around for a long time. If you want stunning videos created to professional standards that can deliver real results for your business, call us on 01332 492465 or contact us through our website at ”

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