The whole lot you want to know [Ebook]

Do you want to get more traffic and higher rankings for your WordPress website?

WordPress makes it easy to structure, manage, and publish your content in a way that makes it suitable for search engine optimization. Because of this, it is considered to be the best content management system (CMS) for SEO.

However, simply building a WordPress site won’t magically land you on page 1 of Google search results.

If you don’t rely on a strategy, you can’t rely on WordPress features, themes, and plugins to increase your organic traffic.

In need of guidance on how to do WordPress SEO right?

The new eBook of the Search Engine’s Journal, WordPress SEO Guide: Everything You Need to Know covers the best practices for optimizing your WordPress website for today’s search and users.

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EXPERT AUTHORS INCLUDED: Aleh Barysevich, Jon Clark, Anna Crowe, Brian Harnish, Jeremy Knauff, Roger Montti, Vahan Petrosyan and Adam Riemer.

Read this eBook in the Search Engine Journal to learn:

  • What You Need to Know When Starting a WordPress Site Important considerations before, during, and after your website is published.
  • How to Create a WordPress Site in 24 Hours. A step-by-step guide on how to get your site up and running with little to no development time.
  • SEO Tips to Improve Your WordPress Site and Avoid Duplicate Content Issues. Tactics to increase your organic search performance and avoid duplication of content.
  • Local search engine optimization for WordPress websites. Simple SEO improvements to improve your WordPress site’s local search ranking.
  • Tips on Choosing the Right WordPress Plugins – plus some options to choose from.
  • How to do WordPress SEO without using a plugin. Take full control of your SEO without a plugin.
  • Ways to strengthen the security of your WordPress website. Fixing vulnerabilities and securing your WordPress site from hackers.
  • Top WordPress Mistakes to Avoid. Common Problems in WordPress Sites and How to Fix them.

This guide consists of 11 chapters and 353 pages of expert insights written by some of the best practitioners in the business.


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Together with our partners InMotion Hosting, Ignite Digital and Rock Content, we created this e-book to help you take the organic search visibility of your WordPress site to the next level.

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