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Xibeo co-partner Theron Whitney was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

/ A News / – Beverly Hills, July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Theron began his career selling consumer electronics in the late 1980s. After being successful for seven years, a friend introduced him to trade fair exhibition sales through a job. The next moment Theron immersed himself in trade fair marketing. “It used my creative skills and my interest in problem solving. I was able to apply what I learned in retail, overcome customer objections and create unique solutions to help them succeed at their events, ”recalls Theron. It was a new experience to try B2B sales and Theron enjoyed it for eight years before he met his partner and they immediately found a synergy to start their own business.

Listen to Theron Whitney’s full interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

Theron and his partner founded Xibeo after September 11, 2001 in November 2001. As trade shows were temporarily closed, the partners decided to instead work for themselves with employees from a local exhibition company and build on the experience they had benefited from years of work for other people. As their journey continued, the event business came back in January 2002 and people needed your services right away. Theron and his partner began renting custom-made cabins and immediately hit the road. They haven’t stopped since then.

When asked to speak a few words for the next generation of entrepreneurs, Theron said, “Prepare for the unknown, prepare for any disaster, natural or economic. Have a plan B and a plan C. That really forced my partner and I to think on our two feet. “

Xibeo’s Success Attribution

“It’s always been our workforce,” says Theron. We treat our employees like family members and have always done what was necessary for them and their families. Although we were a small company and didn’t have to work by the rules of larger companies, we acted like one and made sure that they could always take the time they needed for their families, even if it meant a break in their workday . In financially poor times, we still made sure that everyone had a little more money for the holidays at the end of the year. ”

Today, Xibeo works with a diverse clientele, and Theron sees their versatility as their USP. “We looked at every industry fair early on and called on customers for this fair. We have worked with a trade fair in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, children’s toys, health food and virtually every industry and diversified our customer base, ”shares Theron.

Even during the pandemic, when most outdoor activities were canceled, Xibeo quickly shifted its business model to the production of hygiene barriers and converted its 3,000-square-foot showroom into a studio to produce live internet broadcasts and video marketing productions for customers.

The future of trade fairs

People are looking for other ways to hype a brand and create a hybrid experience. “In the new normal, we might have clients saying they’ll be doing a show in September or October this year, but they may not be able to get their clients to fly in from Europe or Asia. So Xibeo is bringing the show” to the audience to present through live presentations from the exhibition area. The future of trade shows will be a mix of physical and virtual events, “says Theron.

Having weathered the pandemic, Xibeo has already started working with exhibition houses and other event marketing companies, as well as its own customer base preparing for trade shows and events starting this August.


Xibeo works closely with you to ensure that you make the right decisions for a successful trade show or event. Xibeo offers the most creative and innovative solutions for new building materials, techniques and cost-saving measures for your product exhibition or trade fair. To learn more about Xibeo and the services it offers, visit

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  • Theron Whitney was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast

Theron Whitney was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast

Xibeo co-partner Theron Whitney was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

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