Three Fast Content material Advertising Suggestions for SaaS Companies to Get Instantaneous ROI

SaaS companies are now increasingly relying on organic traffic from search engines to generate leads for their businesses. It’s scalable and inexpensive – especially in the long term. But what if you want an instant return on your content investment? Certain content types promise an instant ROI. Here are three types you can experiment with:

1. Write a “best” article about yourself

Rather than thinking that content marketing is all about ad-free “self-awareness,” write an article about the broad category to which your SaaS business belongs. Present yourself well placed and tell the reader how unique you are.

For example, software companies building websites like Squarespace could create an article on the best portfolio website builders like this one from The Creatives Hour. The key is to mention yourself organically. Do it with taste and only tell what is unique about you – do not try to take the first place and address “everyone”. Excessive self-promotion articles will not rank for the “best” variation of keywords because the intent for such keywords is informative in nature.

Here is another example of a “best” article from the Business 2 community: Best Content Marketing Tools and Services. However, it throws a wide net. You can consider limiting yourself to the specific category of your software. For example, “graphic design software for content marketers” or “content analytics software” and the like will in most cases serve your company as a general “best” article.

2. Start your own course

In 2020, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of online education. So it is time that you capitalized on the trend by offering a free course as it can act as an effective lead generator. Ahrefs, an SEO suite, did this by offering their paid course, Blogging for Business, for free. HubSpot even launched its own academy for its audience.

Don’t hesitate to create your course in 2021. Start by creating a course on a major problem facing your audience. A great aspect of courses is that you can even package and sell them with your software subscriptions. vidIQ, a suite of YouTube growth tools, offers some free courses at their academy. However, some are strictly limited to their paying customers:

You can even consider selling your course separately and having the content act as the “revenue center” for your company. This is something I saw on Surfer SEO. They sell their SEO writing master class in their academy for $ 199 separately from their on-page SEO tool.

3. Write an alternative article

With the “Alternatives” article format, you can piggyback the popularity of your competing brands. For example, let’s say you’re a company that sells grammar checking software, a pretty competitive market (with Google generating over 69,70,000 results for the query). It takes time to build recognition and trust for your brand.

For instant content income, you can write an article about alternatives from Grammarly (a leader in the software category of grammar and punctuation checking software). Mention yourself, but also give yourself an honest review of other competitors for someone switching from Grammarly to review.

Professional type: Instead of writing a Listicle article in this alternate format, you can do an in-depth comparison of a major competition in a “vs.” Format. Here’s an article comparing Adobe Portfolio to Squarespace. This format offers similar advantages as the alternative format.

Final thoughts

All of these content strategies have been implemented by multi-billion dollar brands like Shopify and HubSpot. So go ahead and implement one of these for your SaaS business in 2021 – it will deliver instant ROI! Just remember not to advertise yourself too much (unless you are creating a course around your software yourself).

Are there any other types of content you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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