three ideas for social media advertising and marketing as a dentist

At a loss when it comes to creating content for your dental office’s social media? Marketing for dentistry can be overwhelming, especially if you fear repeating yourself.

Here are 3 useful tips when it comes to social media marketing as a dentist:

There are more holidays than you think

Creating content related to the vacation is a great way to engage (and sometimes surprise) your audience. There are holidays every day, some of which are more prominent than others, but sometimes the less popular holidays can be fun to share as it will generate more responses to your post! Check to see if today is a public holiday!

Highlighting patient reviews is a MUST!

Embracing the kind words your patients say is a great way to showcase your excellent work (without being boastful – because you aren’t bragging!). Creating content about reviews you may have received on other platforms is also a great way to subtly encourage your patients to share their positive feedback.

Are you offering legitimate value

Social media is about two things: value and entertainment. As a dentist, you’re definitely out of the entertainment realm (though a few memes can’t hurt). Offering value is a great way to get new people to click the Follow button. Think of yourself on the other side of the screen. What does it take to hit the “Like” and “Follow” buttons?

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Published on May 7, 2021

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